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The interpretation of the dream «Bar»

Dreamed bar where you drink alcoholic beverages, means that soon you may get a choice: whether to succumb to baser desires, instinct, or to resist the temptation, and so gain the approval of others. If you dream you are in a pub, it means waking your enemies are activated. If you drink a beer at the bar - you are waiting for disappointment. If you watch how others are drinking beer - your hopes for the improvement of the situation did not materialize due to the machinations of enemies. Talk to the bartender - again seek to questionable pleasures, for a girl it could mean a meeting with dissolute man.

Esoteric Dream Book

The appeal to public or social instances is necessary to you.

East female dream book

You get drunk alone at a bar counter? Means, in life you do not have enough new impressions. The dream in which you get something tasty of house bar, warns: to follow the tastes of own desires – it is not always favorable for health.

Modern dream book

If dreamed you that you came with the friend into the bar to drink on a glass of beer and to chat, in reality you are weighed by some thought which you would like to discuss with the loved one. If in a dream you get drunk alone at a bar counter, in real life you very much want new feelings. You were tired of monotony. The dream in which you get something tasty of house bar, warns you what to follow the tastes of own desires not always is favorable for your health.


Since strength is a feature of any bar, such an image becomes the symbol of our spiritual power, and power in everyday life. Interpretations can vary; a blockade, for instance, prevents us from wrong action, whereas a public house suggests a relaxed atmosphere and attitude. An iron bar suggests that we should look at how rigid or aggressive we are being in our behaviour. To be standing at a bar may represent a barrier to our sexual enjoyment or an awareness that we should preserve the status quo in our lives. We need to handle ourselves with strength of purpose and are seeking acceptance from our peer group in some aspect of everyday life. In a mans dream an iron bar might suggest an assertive nature, whereas in a woman?s dream it is more likely to signify aggression or to have sexual connotations. Also consult the entry for Barrier.

Freud’s dream book

(See also Ballroom). Tending a bar denotes that you will stoop to some questionable way to advancement. Seeing a bar denotes community interests good fortune and the consummation of illicit desires.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of tending a bar, denotes that you will resort to some questionable mode of advancement. Seeing a bar, denotes activity in communities, quick uplifting of fortunes, and the consummation of illicit desires.

Culinary Dream Book

Dreamed you Privokzalny buffet or snack bar at your facility heralds an evening spent at a party.

Esoteric Dream Book

You It will appeal to the public or social authority. Smoky, dark - untimely appeal to the social bodies and public organizations associated with queuing and bustle. Bright - your appeal to the social structure will have a positive result.

Freud’s dream book

Closing anything on the bolt in a dream - means that in reality you are trying to avoid the attentions of man to whom do not feel a single gram of sympathy. He is in you disgusted by the fact that he dared to "put an eye" on you. Open dream bolt - the dream promises you acquainted with a man who will make significant changes in your life. It will become indirect "culprit" the renewed your life, and it is hoped that you have originated a very close relationship.


To see in a dream buffet marks the pleasure and comfort. This is a dream can mean for you lack of money and misfortune, depending on if you see a buffet tidy and full of clean dishes or empty and dirty. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about bar

If you dream you see the buffet, which costs a lot of beautiful dishes, then in reality you can count on luck. If you had a blank dirty buffet, then you should not wait for the mercy of fate.

Henry Rommel

To dream himself in a bar drinking drinks are coffee, cocktails - coming pleasure that condemns public morality.More precisely, the temptation or opportunity to get such a pleasure, and only waking up to you.If you see the work of the bartender, your desire for entertainment baser jeopardize your well-being.See himself as a bartender at the bar - to change operations.

Miller’s dream book

To see in a dream buffet marks the pleasure and comfort. This is a dream can mean for you lack of money and misfortune, depending on if you see a buffet tidy and full of clean dishes or empty, dirty.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Care on the farm.

Ukrainian Dream Book

By the deceit, illness, company.