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Dream «Boy»

JungTake a misdemeanor, not peculiar to you and to your age.

Freud’s dream book

If you dream of a cabin boy, so you just want to have sex with someone younger than me. Do not worry - pedophilia to you this far, it is - just a craving for unusual. Being a cabin boy in a dream - you will soon become the object of harassment man much older than herself. Of course, the first thought that comes to mind - he'll's father (or mother) suits. But if you show your suppleness and agree on the experience with the "wise ancestor," then maybe-not only enrich their amorous collection, but also learn a lot about sex.

Longo’s dream book

See himself in a dream as a cabin boy, even if you do in real life far beyond the 40 - in reality you are completely immersed in the world of dreams, and your dreams are far from reality and realized they were not destined. Dream, of course, necessary, it is all great visionaries have created on earth, but still try to bring their dreams to reality. If you are not capable of, then you are best at all to give them up, at least temporarily, because due to a permanent stay in the dream world you run a real business, and not far off, when you have serious problems. Go down to earth. If in your dream as an actor starring acts boy, you will soon have to sacrifice their principles and reject its practicality, stargazing. And it will happen because you will fall in love and all your settings will fly to hell. All are used to seeing you in person is very sensible, sometimes cynical, and suddenly you become the true romantic, but yesterday felt a sense of romanticism, unworthy of a thinking man. These are presented to us by surprise sometimes fate and such metamorphosis can occur literally every one of us. As a cabin boy in the dream appears someone close to you - soon you will be surprised of great change that had occurred to him. The reason for that - a romantic affair. Do not try to get him down to earth and do not try to reason, to instruct on the right path - you still will not work.

Slavic dream book

Use inexperienced advice.


If you are female and dream that you see or are a boy, then it indicates that you are developing the masculine aspects of character. Alternatively, it may represent your feelings about a real-life boy who is important and significant to you. You may have a crush on this boy and your waking thoughts of him has carried over into the dream world. Your motherly instincts may be taking over.

If you are an adult male and dream that you see or are a boy, then it suggests your playful, innocent, childlike nature. Alternatively, it can symbolize the immature aspects of yourself that still needs to grow. Your inner child may be trying to draw your attention to parts of yourself that you need to recognize and acknowledge.

Hasse’s dream book

To dream of a boy who you are crushing on in real life is usually just a straightforward reflection of your feelings for him. If you dream that you're in love with a boy who you don't like in real life, your dream could be telling you that you are overlooking good qualities in that person that makes him worth crushing on.

Dream book of Vanga

May be relating to one*s youth. male). A woman*s protective association with her mate. A woman*s projection into her future .

Dream book of the Wanderer

The boy — drudgery, boredom; undeveloped infantile part of the identity of the man in the form of weakness, doubts, uncertainty in itself. In female dreams - in addition: feelings to the son, fears, cares and alarms about it.


To the latest news.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To see boys — to pleasure.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Boy (known or unfamiliar). The individual when he was a boy; this period of his life or part of his personality. An archetype of the developing Egoism with immaturity, but the potential of further development. Development of an archetype of Animus (bad or hyperactive boy).

Schiller School student’s dream book

Fun and pleasure.

Azar’s dream book

Joy and happiness, new clothes.


Crying boy means you pay insufficient attention to the family, because of which suffer most dear to you people. If a man sees himself as a child, then the dream means that he will certainly need a change of scenery and arrange themselves at least a little rest. Do not forget that not all cases are the efforts that they are spent. To dream as a boy playing with each other, meaning that sometimes your frivolous behavior causes suffering your loved ones. To Young woman dream in which she saw a boy, means that its annoying constant talk of loved ones that it needs to be determined and to get married.

Henry Rommel

To dream boy - rejoice and be glad, but something your behavior may seem to others naive.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Joy, fun, for women - the money and the addition of property, see the fighting boys - friends implicate you in a dirty business, student - happy plans.


A boy in a dream can represent many different things. For clues to his meaning, consider the context of the boy and your feelings about him. If the boy is someone you know in real life, he may represent that actual person or the type of role he plays in your life (friend, boyfriend, son, etc.). Whether you know the boy or not, he could represent:

The key characteristics that stand out about him in the dream, such as humor, protectiveness, maschismo, intelligence, etc.

General young male characteristics such as curiosity, protectiveness, strength, or assertiveness or aggression

Your inner child, your playfulness and need for fun, or your vulnerability and need for support and empathy

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