Dream » W » Will

The interpretation of the dream «Will»

To dream, as you give up and do not want to do - to the stressful conditions of.


Determination in spiritual matters is represented here. This can also suggest the resolution of a problem with which we have been dealing. We may dream of a will at a time when we need everything to be done properly and with certain levels of correctness. There is the obvious play on words where a will would indicate the will to do or to be the determination to take action, for instance. Because for many making a will is a very final action, in dreams it can indicate a recognition that we are entering a new phase of life. To dream of a will or any legal document is connected with the way in which our unconscious side can push us into taking notice of our inner needs. To be making a will is to be making a promise to ourselves over future action. It may also have overtones of attempting to look after those we love and care about. To inherit from a will means that we need to look at the habits, characteristics and morals we have inherited from our ancestors. You might also like to consult the entry for Inheritance.

Miller’s dream book

To dream you are making your will, is significant of momentous trials and speculations. For a wife or any one to think a will is against them, portends that they will have disputes and disorderly proceedings to combat in some event soon to transpire. If you fail to prove a will, you are in danger of libelous slander. To lose one is unfortunate for your business. To destroy one, warns you that you are about to be a party to treachery and deceit.

Dream book of Health

The will promises you positive emotions, good health and long life.

East female dream book

To see how you make the will, – to heartrending experiences and thoughts. To think that the will not in your advantage, – to quarrels and trials where fight and troubles because of some approaching event are coming. To lose the will – to failure in commercial and other affairs. To destroy the will – caution: you will fall a victim of treachery and deception.

Erotic dream book of Danilova

If dreams you that you make the will, such dream means that you can shortly have a thirst for the person with whom you had a short intimate communication earlier. And for renewal of the similar relations you should show an initiative. If you are able to fascinate again the former partner, your relations will last long time – to your mutual pleasure.

Freud’s dream book

If dreamed you that someone made very favorable will in your advantage, is promises you in real life new acquaintance which you at first will not take seriously because it will be too unexpected for you and will be tied in unusual conditions. Nevertheless it will be just that case which time in hundred years occurs.

Hasse’s dream book

To make – to reach old age; to see – pleasure.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you make the will – a sign of heartrending future experiences and thoughts.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you write the will, in real life you are expected by serious tests and reflections. If dreamed you that contrary to your hopes the close relative made the will not in your advantage, rigid fight for the interests is necessary to you. To lose the will – to failures in business. To destroy the will – to treachery and deception

New family dream book

To make in a dream the will – a sign of heartrending experiences and thoughts.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To see the – pleasure;