The interpretation of the dream «Abandonment»

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Necessary phase of independence which joins in initiation in the period of an individuation; can meet in dreams of young people as universal emptiness, loneliness, an exit out of limits of.


There are actually several meanings of abandonment that can give rise to dream images. The first links with the idea of being able to let go completely to be without restraint ? and links with the Dionysian concept of abandoning the serious for fun, entering into a state of ecstasy and achieving an altered state of consciousness. The second meaning has a more negative connotation and deals with a sense of loss and deprivation. From a spiritual perspective this can arise from the initial separation anxiety that a baby may suffer when it is first born and realizes that it is no longer in the safe environment of the womb. There can also be a strong sense, as we progress spiritually, of having been abandoned or of having lost something important, perhaps our relationship with the Divine. Dreams can oftenhelp us to reconnect as we become more conscious of needing to find a safe haven. To be abandoned, i.e. without restraint, within a dream may mean that we are seeking freedom or have issues with the idea of being constrained in some way. We are looking for the freedom to be ourselves. Similar to the sense of being rejected, the sense of having been abandoned represents how we experienced not being wanted or not fitting in with others when we were young. Such a feeling can occur as a result of trauma. For instance, a child having had to go into hospital may have recurring dreams in adulthood of being abandoned and may have problems in forming plans for future success. In such dreams there is seldom a sense of closure, often a sense of unfinished business. When we ourselves abandon something, we are becoming aware that we no longer need a particular way of thinking or being. A childs first and most important relationship is with its mother, so being abandoned in a dream will have slightly different connotations in a mans dream to those of a woman. For both, however, there will be security issues. Grief at the loss of a partner or family member can trigger dreams of abandonment, perhaps bringing to the fore many unresolved issues.

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Freud’s dream book

There are three ways of interpreting this dream, since it may have three aspects - active, as when you abandon someone: passive, as when someone abandons you: and objective, as when you see or hear of someone else*s abandonment.Active. To dream of abandoning evil companions, or of ceasing from a nefarious enterprise, predicts an increase of income. If in your dream you abandon your wife, husband, children or sweetheart, it portends trouble of a serious nature.Passive. If you dream of being abandoned by someone for whom you have friendship or affection, it is a prophecy of illness in your circle of near relatives.Objective. If in a dream you are witness to the abandonment of a person of either sex or any age, you will be the recipient of news that will have a profound influence in your life.


Being abandoned can represent a feeling or fear of abandonment, feeling alone, or being left behind in real life—in a current or past situation. Consider focusing on self-care and nurturing, and seek out comfort and companionship from supportive friends and family.