Dream » A » Abduction

The interpretation of the dream «Abduction»

Abduction — a reflection of the loss of control over the situation (the person). The reflection of a sense of "victim of circumstances".

Child — a reflection of the loss of the inner child early, childish and / or liveliness.

Loff’s dream book

Kidnapping is a very powerful symbol of our dreams, because it is closely connected with such important concepts as the subordination and violence. A person in respect of whom committed the kidnapping, parted ways with the freedom, the right and the ability to fully control their own destiny, finds completely dependent on another or others.

If you dream that you are a victim of theft, you need to remember who held you captive and in which physical conditions have contained. Helping their captors in a dream, so you are allowing them to take control of a certain area of ​​concern for you life. On the other hand, you have come to the feeling: your independence shaken to such an extent that you no longer cope with the situation on their own.

If you're familiar with the kidnappers dreamed it indicates the presence in your soul sensation trap set your life. Think of where and how you caught? Most likely, the subconscious mind gives an indication of the area of ​​life, caught up in too entangled to remain completely independent. Thanks to kidnap you have a chance, isolated from the environment, all start with a clean slate. You need yet another possibility, which does not hesitate to use. Dream encourages you to take advantage of the use own kidnapping - to justify the unusual behaviors that all the blame for this is passed on to the kidnappers.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

You feel like you can not control yourself or the situation. Loss of control. Feeling like a victim of circumstances. Child abduction can symbolize the loss of children's beginning, who is in you.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

This symbol may signify a loss of control over the situation or feeling a victim of circumstances. Do you really feel like a victim? Whether you are committing sabotage against himself? Remember, there are no victims, only volunteers. Reassure yourself, "I control your own life, and I choose my path in life". If a child is kidnapped, it can symbolize the loss of children's beginning, who is in you.


To take part in the kidnapping - you'll think about marriage or a friendly alliance. Steal a child in a dream means a happy future, a favorable union. If you are in a dream and want to make plans to kidnap famous person, it means your dissatisfaction with the present situation and the domestic protest against the existing system.

Freud’s dream book

If you have a dream of being abducted, you will succeed in any new enterprise, whether business or social.

Nostradamus’s dream book

A dream about being abducted strongly indicates success for you against most opposition whether business or social. If you witness someone being abducted in your dreams then you can expect to get some unexpected news.


If you had a dream that you stole watches, then your reputation is threatened detractors. If you dream you stole a spoon, then your behavior in the family will be subjected to public condemnation. A dream in which you say something They stole and now you are being chased for, warns about the changes for the worse.


Taking or carrying off a person against their will can represent:

Trying to force one's will or motives onto another person

An attempt at victimizing, manipulating, or taking power away from another person