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Dream «Animal»

Animals seen in a dream warns you of upcoming events. However, to interpret every phenomenon of the animal in the dream should be individually.

Loff’s dream book

In our dreams, animals can get any role. As history shows, it dreams in which animals are present, have shown the true value of dreams in general. With their help, reveals the essence of personal problems and relationships, gives an indication of the significance of circumstances. Animals can dream to communicate with us in various ways: to help or to harass and even eat; or talk to us in silence to create a company; reassure or frighten. Often the animals appear in dreams as a result of our individual life experiences.

To interpret the dream, it is important to compare your relationship to any animal in dreams and reality. It should also pay attention to the behavior seen in a dream the animal to see whether it is your view, existing in real life. This is important because the perception in dreams and real life can be diametrically opposed.

Consider for example a dog. This animal - a symbol of a person devoted friend. However, many people deep in the subconscious lives overwhelming fear of him. With dogs associated social stereotypes that are inherently contradictory - "the dog - man's best friend" and "angry like a dog". People who in life are very afraid of dogs, can see a dream in which this fear is under a good reason, and later - the dream from the opposite direction.

Dog acts in a dream - one of the key elements to decrypt. The animal chasing you biting? Remember, chances are you with him were some talks.

Frequent visitors of dreams - pets, and they are not so tied to modern humans, as in the days of subsistence farming. Pets on pasture usually represent security. Previously dreams with this group of animals were seen as a sign of prosperity and well-being of the earth.

Quite rare people in their dreams kill animals and this is happening for needed or desired. Killing an animal by necessity - it's a dream of survival, the archetype earner breadwinner. Often such dreams reflect a sense of responsibility for others, or the need to assert themselves. If the loss of animal life was unmotivated in a dream, it can be regarded as a simple implementation of any problems you desire, projecting anger or dissatisfaction with any social taboo. Fulfillment of desire or anger projection is largely due to the perception of those who kill your pet.

Embodies whether it is for you to a particular person? Maybe you spend a parallel between someone in your circle of friends and some specific animal.

Criterion by which to assess the anti-social behavior, it has become a social taboo that society imposes on unmotivated wounding or killing of animals. It is not surprising that in dreams it may symbolize violation of a taboo. But, again, it is important how you perceive the animal.

For agrokulturnogo societies, such as the American Indian community, it is interesting interpretation of dreams, in which there are animals who suffer from hunger. The appearance of these animals reflects the experience requirements due to the mismatch of reality (or just thinking about it). Once upon a starving animals during sleep were considered harbingers of the great famine and pestilence. In addition, they may reflect a relationship with the people around.

We list a number of stereotypical associations that are directly related to the images of animals and their inherent metaphorical symbolism (in opposition to the "good - bad"). Such symbols often operate for performance traits inherent in man.

Cat, cat: peaceful, independent - in itself, a vicious, irresponsible.

Cow: breadwinner, soft, red - skittish.

Dog: loyal, friendly - Ruscha, aggressive.

Horse: hard-working, useful - an independent, stubborn.

Mouse: a very small, quiet - indecisive.

Bull: hardworking — stupid.

Pig: smart - dirty, immoderate in food.

Rabbit: agile, productive, kind - a timid.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Warm-blooded animal (animals) in dreams symbolize - sincere forces of the person, his inclination and affects, their assistance or counteraction on the way elected by him / his friends and enemies / social forces and their intervention in life.

East female dream book

If you dream comes to you wolf, bear, goat, etc. - Is to meet with a man, and having certain plans for you. View, the nature and behavior of the animal in a dream, tend to reflect the true intentions of the new fan.

Modern dream book

Animals seen in a dream warns you of upcoming events. However, to interpret every phenomenon of the animal in the dream should be individually.

Miller’s dream book

D. Disease, Brain, lover, cats, dogs ....

Animals seen in a dream warns you of upcoming events. However, to interpret every phenomenon of the animal in the dream should be individually.


Often represents the primary characteristic of that animal, according to the dreamer.For example, a dream about a frog could represent the idea of jumping or making "leaps forward" or making progress. Or if the dreamer thinks of a frog as cold and slimy, a dream frog could represent a "cold & slimy" person or experience. If the dreamer thinks of a frog as a prince charming in disguise, a frog could represent a person whom the dreamer considers as a possible love interest, or a "hidden gem" of a person.

Hasse’s dream book

To see much – happiness; to pursue – a big prize, wealth; to kill – to save up property.