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The interpretation of the dream «Baggage»


Feelings of sorrow or of being overburdened can manifest in dreams as baggage. The type of baggage will be important, bulky suitcases being less easily dealt with than a simple bag. The spiritual implication is that you are perhaps holding on to inherited or learned ideas, beliefs and concepts which are for you no longer valid. You are under some psychological stress and may have to decide that some projects or feelings can be left behind in waking life. When you have been carrying luggage or baggage in a dream and find it has disappeared, you have successfully dealt with the problem. To be carrying extra baggage in a dream suggests that you may be carrying an extra load, either emotional or practical. You are expecting too much of yourself or of others and are carrying past hurt or trauma, possibly from as far back as childhood. For further clarity consult the entry for Luggage.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If in a dream you travel, and you are burdened by huge baggage, this dream foretells heavy tests and troubles which will deliver you the mass of concern and will cost much. all this will almost break you, and you will get into extremely difficulties caused by confusion in affairs and the unfair relation of your relatives. this dream foretells to lovers an illness of one of them and huge expenses on treatment.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The baggage (load) can be a symbol of things, opinions and ideas which you cannot leave though they are not necessary to you for a long time. Whether there are old representations of which you are not able to get rid? Whether you feel desire to pack the belongings and to get away from an unpleasant life situation?

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

(see also load) Things, opinions and ideas which are not necessary to you for a long time.

East female dream book

To dream baggage – to burdensome cares, in affairs you will be prevented by unpleasant people. If you bear own baggage, is the prevention: you are so keen on the cares that you risk to lose friends. If dreamed that you lost baggage, – be afraid of dissonance in affairs and family disorders.

Esoteric Dream Book

Cares, attachments.

Loff’s dream book

Today it is accepted to speak about emotional baggage of the personality. This modern term gives the chance in a new way to look at a problem of the relations of the person with people around. Bulky and heavy baggage – the certificate of that your life is too vain, in it there are no emotional restrictions (see BORDERS).

Longo’s dream book

To dream the baggage – shortly the trip on which will depend as there will be your life in the future is necessary to you. Try to do everything as it is necessary, – to these you, perhaps, will ensure life for some months. But do not force an event, this the worst that you can make at the moment. Everything will come to the turn when it is necessary. Here it is necessary to make the reservation – if your baggage was not too heavy, the trip will pass without special difficulties and with success. But you should not relax too, differently you risk to lose everything also easily, as well as got. To unload in a dream baggage from the train or other vehicle – soon you will dump from yourself weight which long burdened you. Perhaps, it was somehow connected with your relatives who were long staying at your place, or the continuous conflicts to members of household. Anyway, shortly everything will develop as you want that. Only a little patience is necessary, and then you will be happy that everything so well was arranged. To dream as someone steals someone else’s baggage, – you should be the casual witness of an unpleasant event or an act. You will be weighed by your knowledge, but you will be able to reveal to nobody secret. If perhaps try to put at once all end over then awkwardly not to feel.

Miller’s dream book

To dream about baggage – foretells unpleasant cares. You will have difficulties because of the people wishing you to do much harm.

Modern dream book

To dream baggage – to burdensome cares. You will be prevented by people unpleasant to you. If in a dream you bear own baggage, in reality you are so keen on the cares that risk to lose friends. If dreamed you that you lost baggage, be afraid of dissonance in affairs and family disorders.

New family dream book

If you dreamed about baggage – you are expected by unpleasant cares. Can a cart –

Russian Dream Book

Soon your life will be hard if not to tell heavy, for you – be ready to tests, life will smile to you, easy, its light strip waits for you, success in affairs and in all undertakings

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Esoteric Dream Book

Care, affection. The difficulties associated with the luggage - efforts delivered your loved ones. If luggage is heavy - care about them you are bored. lost, forgotten luggage - get rid of worries. Things fall out of baggage - you do not handle yourself with all the worries that you can fight. Share them with others.


To dream luggage - portends unpleasant care. Do you have trouble with people who want to hurt you. If you carry your own luggage. You'll be so busy with their own experiences that remain indifferent to the suffering of others.

Henry Rommel

To dream baggage that you carry yourself - conceived to success in business, but also to the indifference to the problems of loved ones.To shift the luggage on the shoulders of others, to see how other baggage or luggage are just lies - an unpleasant hassle difficulty of -this people hostile to you; take on additional care.Loss of luggage - a failure on the stock exchange, the quarrel in the family.

Loff’s dream book

Today, they say the emotional baggage of the individual. This modern term makes it possible to take a fresh look at the problem of man's relationship with others. Bulky and heavy luggage - an indication that your life is too vain, it lacks the emotional limitations (see. Border). The mystical nature of the luggage - it is a symbol of something secret, hidden from prying eyes, for example, secretly cherished ideas. Maybe luggage blocking your path? Do you have caused the loss of anything of luggage inexplicable anxiety? If so, you should reconsider your things - perhaps by some of them can be without damage to itself to get rid of.

Miller’s dream book

To dream luggage - portends unpleasant care. Do you have trouble with people who want to hurt you. If you carry your own luggage. You'll be so busy with their own experiences, that remain indifferent to the suffering of others. Lose your luggage - means unsuccessful gambling or family quarrels. It promises unmarried frustrated engagement.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot


Tsvetkov’s dream book


Ukrainian Dream Book

Dreaming that you carry any baggage, you will be a success actually conceived; be conveyed to another cargo - pass them and cares all sorts of it.