Dream » B » Bathing

Dream «Bathing»

If you dream you swim in the pool - in reality it portends cure disease and anxiety. Swim in the sea - will rejoice the success of her husband, and for the young girl this dream foretells a wealthy fiance. Bathing in the river - will experience a lot of pressure from the authorities, showing courage and endurance, do not change their principles and interests. Swim in the lake portends minor changes in financial position and in the relationship with the elect.

If you dream you swim in the icy water in the winter - in real-life experience with what incomparable pleasure to be unexpectedly terminated the very peak moment. Swim in the warm summer water promises tangible benefits and sincere attitude lover.

Bathe in milk in a dream means wealth and success that you expect ahead. If you are in a dream to swim naked - this means that you surrender yourself with all the passion of a man far beyond your age. See naked men bathing means that you will be full of fans and admirers; if you see naked women bathing - detractors will try to pull you into a scandal or some unseemly affairs.

To dream of how to bathe a newborn, portends a happy way out of their predicament.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Dreamed about swimming in the bath is fraught with disappointment.

Hasse’s dream book

If you dream you were bathing in the tub, it says that you will leave the anxiety and illness; see swimming - will be a good, rich in the second half; in the river - to manifest your power and endurance; in clean water - to the health and success; in muddy water - to disease, failure, a slight change in the position; in warm water - to the benefit of; swimming in clothes dream to what you may hope to inherit; wash your feet - the farm will thrive.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

A dream in which you had a chance to swim in the clean and clear water, promises you a lot of good. success in work and love are guaranteed victory. but if the water in which you swim, dirty and muddy - so. You have nothing to expect from life but the sorrow and misery, poverty and disease.

East female dream book

The dream in which you swim in the lake together with the girlfriend who surpasses you in the skill, means that your image and undoubted charm will be appreciated by people around, and here sins will be simple to be noticed nobody.

Modern dream book

If you dream of a pleasant swim in the calm water, then you will certainly be a success in everything that you would not have undertaken. If you dream you bathe in a tub, then be prepared for disappointments. If a young woman dreams that she bathed in the lake with his girlfriend, who swims better, its charm will be greatly appreciated, and her sins others will turn a blind eye.

Dream book of Health

Bathe yourself — you need physical and spiritual cleansing; See skinny person of the opposite sex - to sexual dissatisfaction.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The bathtub can be a symbol of clarification and ablution. Whether there is something in you from what you need to be cleared or washed? Should you wash hands in some situation? It can also symbolize a baptism and revival.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)


Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Bathing. Moral clarification.

Ukrainian Dream Book

To bathe in clear water – happiness, cold – health, warm – the loved one will recover; to bathe in a bathtub – an illness, in muddy water – efforts; to see how someone bathes, – loss. To bathe in dirty water – dirty affairs. If dreams that you bathe in hot water, – you will suffer operation.