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The interpretation of the dream «Brush»

To dream of a hand means that in reality you will find fame, which you will reach the highest professional skill, if these brushes are thin, beautiful and graceful. Ugly, ugly brush with crooked fingers and bulging veins mounds portend life woes, of which you will go badly battered and had lost faith in their ability.

Bandaged or in a cast Brush says that you have to give up some of what belongs to you entirely. To dream portends amputated brush your loss in a match with destiny, for the main purpose of putting yourself accumulate wealth, you will miss something far more valuable.

Hairy or burned hands - will find a strong and reliable sponsors, but at the same time and ruthless enemies. Dirty hands or gloves hidden - a sign that you will be treated unfairly people who love you, thereby causing you to deeply traumatic.

Dream where you see bunches of grapes in abundance hanging among the green foliage, foretells that you will soon achieve prominence in the community and will be able to confer happiness of others. Buy a dream one bunch of grapes - in reality will experience frustration and shame for your miserliness fan.

Brush of black grapes portends accusations at home and at work notes, white - good relationship and there, and here.

Brush Rowan - a bitter disappointment in a failed attempt to marry. Rowan trampled brush heralds the collapse of all hope and life plans.

Dreamed brush lilac white - the promise of a big, light feeling, which will leave a trace in your soul for life. Brush lilac - a harbinger of a thunderstorm, which is condensed in a family atmosphere and is always ready to rain tears.

To dream of a paint brush portends trouble that may arise due to your reckless and careless statements about their colleagues. Hold in your hand or paint brush to paint her something - you'll be satisfied with the results of their work. Whitewash brush trees in a dream - talks about the upcoming celebration to which you forget or do not want to invite.

Brush foretells that you will succeed in fulfilling your personal plans. If you dream you are holding the brush, working on a painting, self-portrait - in reality you will be deceived in their expectations of happy love, for ye shall be abandoned by a friend who you would prefer another woman.

Squirrel or Kolinsky brush for watercolor promises you a fortune if you draw it, and sorrow in my soul - if you use it for other purposes, such as glue. Brush

Applying cosmetics dictates that you have to keep yourself in the bounds of decency, being presented to parents of her fiance. Brush with oil or grease lubrication of pancakes, cakes, etc. - To the abundance in the house. Brush for cleaning household appliances - to be an urgent matter.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If dreamed you that you draw a brush (paint with a wall brush, a ceiling and so forth), soon you will think up something original. That you had an opportunity to realize the idea, draw with a brush the most pleasant memories and at once burn.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

To see a brush in a dream - rash words will lead to quarrel.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

You play with a brush or a tushechnitsa. – Foretells the letter from far away.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Human hands – a brush, a palm, fingers are a symbol and the tool of a physical embodiment of any dream, so, and a symbol of extension of life on Earth – a symbol of the movement of the yin-yan. From the medical point of view on a palm there are projections (an exit point) of all internal: lines and patterns of skin on a palm and fingers will tell a skilled eye about internal state of an organism much. Guessing on a hand (it is possible to predict early death from weak heart, but in any way – from the angry wife is based on it (and only on it)!) . On fingers also there are projections of an internal therefore at touch fingers, or simply at the movement of hands information comes at once to heart, a spleen and so on. A hand – the brush, fingers, a palm play a significant semantic role in dream space. To dream a/strong, healthy palm / brush / fingers – a sign of physical and mental balance, balance between external and internal. If someone’s strong palm dreams – such person can trust. Fixedly to examine/others palm / brush / finger in a dream – to try to begin to see clearly destiny, to predetermine the future (way). The dream is favorable or adverse depending on understanding of a dream and actions of snovidets in reality: the initial impetus of the movement in a dream was given, it is necessary to put the mind, talent and forces. To see/others crippled / old/weak hand – a condition of an imbalance and an illness. Internal pathology of body gives rise to inadequacy of perception of the outside world as all organism starts living in the rhythm sparing for a sore point and the movement, and perception. It can turn back damage in affairs and physical injuries when in an extreme situation also realization of all abilities to perception is required, and the part of abilities is already lost – loss is inevitable. Besides, the injured fingers in a dream can warn about a possible physical trauma not only an internal, but also external parts of a body. Dependence such: a thumb – the head; the index – the left hand; average – the left foot; the anonymous – the right foot; a little finger – the right hand.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

You will fear; shoe - you find a good job; tooth - satisfaction in life; clean clothes - do not be naive.


To see a brush in your dream, symbolizes your desire to brush away problems or something in your life that needs to be cleaned up. Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration.

If you lose or can*t find your brush, then suggests that you are unable to sort our your problems.

To dream that you are brushing your hair, suggests your need to organize and sort your thoughts. You need to search for some elements that are not clear brushing you hair may highlight your preoccupation with appearances and beauty over substance and quality.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of using a hair-brush, denotes you will suffer misfortune from your mismanagement. To see old hair brushes, denotes sickness and ill health. To see clothes brushes, indicates a heavy task is pending over you. If you are busy brushing your clothes, you will soon receive reimbursement for laborious work. To see miscellaneous brushes, foretells a varied line of work, yet withal, rather pleasing and remunerative.

Azar’s dream book

For an early scandal.

Esoteric Dream Book

For the hair - you neglect makeup, visual appeal, and for your work is important. To harvest - you have to create a cosiness in the house, if you want to have a good family. For dishes, dust, etc. - He says about the poor state of those items for which designed. It would not have happened, "Fedorov mountain."This applies to the technical equipment in your work.


For an early scandal.

Henry Rommel

Use a hairbrush:a) to fulfill desires;b) to fail because of poor business management. old hair brushes - to the disease.Brush clothing - to get the money for the hard work or break a friendship with cunning and crafty people.Many different brushes - a diverse and well-paid work.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you comb hairbrush, means that you will fail and the reason for it will your poor administration. See old hair brushes - harbinger of disease. To see the brush for cleaning clothes - it indicates that a heavy task awaits your permission. If you dream brushing clothes - then soon you will awake compensation for hard work. To see a lot of different brushes - portends a variety of work, besides quite pleasant and well-paid.

Modern dream book

Family twist, a new life.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Use — the fulfillment of desires; wardrobe - sadness, clean clothes - the money.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Dreamed brush — cheating, gossip, news.