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Dream «Chest»

Chest — to guests of old age.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Empty — poverty, a full - wealth; look in the trunk something and not finding - the frustration, packaging - changes.

Hasse’s dream book

Saw the chest - accumulate a large fortune; was complete - a sign of prosperity; empty - it is to the consternation; suffered chest - get ready for trouble.

Esoteric Dream Book

With precious — will luck, a secret support. Closed - your secrets will be saved.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Chest blank to see - means poverty; trunk filled with something, heralds the abundance and richness.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Chest — portends cases involving verbal altercation.


Pandora?s Box and the story of how negativity was released into the world is the best example of a box image on a spiritual level. A chest or box represents all those things we suppress or want to keep hidden, sometimes the darker side of ourselves, sometimes aspects that we have not yet explored. We need to be aware that care must be taken when first exploring the spiritual. Emotionally, we need to give some limitation to our feelings and secret desires. In dreams a box - whether plain or otherwise - will show how we handle life. When the chest area is highlighted in the body our attention is being drawn to our ability to love and care for others. A chest or box appearing in a dream delineates the way we keep hidden or store our emotions. Additionally, our most important ideals and hopes may need to be kept secret. It may also show the best in us; our best insights. A jewel box signifies that which needs to be kept safe and only made use of when appropriate.

Freud’s dream book

If a woman dreams of seeing a man, with hair on his chest, she should regard it as a warning against unladylike behavior among the masculine sex.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Chest — a symbol of a physical thorax and the saved-up emotional "clips", complexes. Empty - to poverty, disappointment; the full - to prosperity.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The box can symbolize restrictions which you impose on yourself. Whether you feel locked in a box? Get out of a case, move apart borders! Pandora’s chest can symbolize all your fears. Fears – only illusion. Look directly at the fears and let out them from a chest. Pandora in mythology personified return of all or donation. Only later male gods came to the forefront, and goddesses were blackened, and then Pandora’s chest became a symbol of evil will and fear. Freudians would tell that the box symbolizes a vagina or a uterus. It can be internal, female aspect as men, and women.

Old Russian Dream Book

The empty – poverty; the full – wealth; to look for something in a chest and not to find – disappointment; to pack – unexpected changes.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Ambivalent symbol: chest Precept Pandora/ark.

Schiller School student’s dream book

The full – profit; the empty – chagrin.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Hole, hole in a chest, the empty chest, a chest collapsed – all this dreams to death. "Against Friday the chest full of good dreamed me, and on Tuesday the father died".

Freud’s dream book

Seen in a dream casket say that you muchites from loneliness, but do not know how to overcome it. If the chest in your dream was open, your loneliness will soon has to stop due to some of your friends. Before, you would never have thought that you can associate it with his life, but now the circumstances have changed, and you pay attention to a man who has long been trying to bring him to his modest person. dreamed fallen casket that the fall broke portends surprises related to your sexual partner. This could be it cooling or illness that impact on the intensity of your contacts. Seen in a dream an empty casket say that the person to whom you want, would be inappropriate for you, it is called, does not justify confidence. If you had a casket, on which hangs the lock, then the dream indicates that your sex life is too great, and even play a big part of your systems that you purchased at an early age. You forbid yourself more than allowed and this affects not only you but also your partner. A bit of looseness in the intimate life you will not hurt.


With precious — is luck, secret support. Closed - your secrets will be saved.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot


Ukrainian Dream Book

The hole, a hole in the chest, empty chest, the chest collapsed - all these dreams to death."Against the Friday I had a chest full of goodness and Tuesday's father died ".


Courage, bravado, or resiliency

Love, passion, or compassion

Emotion, or the ability to feel emotion

One specific emotion expressed in the dream