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Dream «Chocolate»

Chocolate — a reflection based on something that feels good.

Miller’s dream book

Chocolate dreams to the fact that you will be able to provide a great life depend on you people. Chocolate candy portend you suitable business partners. Chocolate was stale - in front of illness and disappointment. Drink hot chocolate - a dream means that first you will find a brief period of unpleasant events, after which time comes to prosperity.

Freud’s dream book

Treated someone chocolate - a dream tells about your great tenderness with which you treat your partner during sex. Your kindness can warm up even the most demanding, and therefore, you have a reason to be proud.

Drinking hot chocolate - consider the following: if you have a sex life began failure, sleep advised not to take the blame for it entirely on himself. It is quite likely causes of failure can be a bad mood partner, troubles at work and other things that may not be reflected in such a sensitive area as intimate life.

If burned by hot chocolate, then you will meet a man whose wild temperament and inexhaustible energy will make for an unforgettable experience.

Hasse’s dream book

Good health.

Esoteric Dream Book

Getting buy — to Fel health weakness. Eat, drink - to the disease protracted nature.

Longo’s dream book

There is a chocolate dream means that in reality you are aiming for an easier life. You feel that you are working as a parish without receiving the slightest impact. Around you do not appreciate, and it depresses you. Cooking in a dream chocolate - you love to do anything unusual, extraordinary, that would capture the imagination of others and cause them to feel envious. You is to some extent stimulates and causes acute sense of life. Treat someone with chocolate - a dream means that in real life you are trying to coax someone to take advantage of it for their own purposes. Your intentions will be unraveled, and you will fail. If you dream you were treated to chocolate - in fact you try to cheat, to benefit. This is especially likely in the first three days after the dream.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieSimvoly Mayan dream book adapted to modern times. If you dream that you drink hot chocolate (cook it, you want to drink chocolate), soon you will find your love. To love was real, cut the heart out of paper, write your name on it and pour the tobacco in a dark place. Poor znachenieEsli you dreamed of chocolate (you bite off of it, break it, buy), in the near future you will do heavy repair, which is sure to be delayed. To this repair was not a burden to you, bury near his house a bar of chocolate.

New family dream book

When he saw in a dream chocolate, you can be certain that the well will be able to provide those who depend on you. Chocolates, dreamed up in a dream, promise you a great business partner. Stale chocolate dreams and disappointments to disease. If you dream you were drinking hot chocolate, then you have to prosperity. However, it will come after a short period of adverse events.

East female dream book

There are chocolate - for carnal pleasures, a welcome and enjoyable.

Modern dream book

Quarrel trouble in the family.


In the Mayan culture chocolate was food fit for the gods. This puts it in the framework of food for the soul and the release of our best efforts. Emotionally comforting, chocolate in a dream has a soothing effect. If we are eating or being given chocolate we need such soothing. If giving to someone else we are capable of soothing hurt and distress. The quality of the chocolate may be important. It is now well known that chocolate contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan which is essential to our wellbeing. Dreaming of chocolate may highlight a very real need for the beneficial effects of such a food. Often highlighted as a suitable gift for lovers, in a woman?s dream such a gift may signify an unrecognized potential in a relationship. In a man?s dream he may recognize in himself the need to care for and appreciate others.

Freud’s dream book

Help yourself in a dream someone chocolates - you very gentle in bed, your kindness can warm up any, even a very demanding person, which means that you can be proud of. Drink hot chocolate in a dream - do not take into the account all the failures in sex. It is possible that the reason for failure lies in a bad mood or your partner some troubles at work, which, of course, can not affect the sex life. Burned hot chocolate - will be meeting with the man who will amaze you with his temperament and boundless energy.


To dream about chocolate - means that you are very well provided for those who depend on you. See chocolates - promises you the right partners in. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about chocolate

A dream in which you see the chocolate means that you are able to ensure prosperity for those who depend on you. See chocolates - a good business partner and successful work. If the chocolate would be unpleasant to the taste, then for this dream followed by illness and frustration. If you dream you are drinking hot chocolate, the fate had prepared you a lot of joy after the end of the current period of misery and deprivation.

Miller’s dream book

To dream confectionery products - it means that you will be deceived very cunning man. Eat them - portends sincere friendship. If a young woman dreams that she bakes them - it will fail in its attempt to deceive others.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Good health.


Chocolate can represent:

Indulgence, or a treat on the emotional or mental level (this can mean you're feeling the need to feel special or appreciated, or that you're dealing with some hurt that needs to be soothed)

"Sweet times" or a pleasant event

Actually hunger or craving for sweets or chocolate