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Dream «Cover»

A dream in which you are veiled veil bed, foretells good fortune and the course of affairs in negotiating trade deals. Pure or light blanket means that you will find happiness and well-being in the house. Dark or, worse, a dirty blanket - to the sad news from a distant friend.

Comforter or bedspread embroidered suggests that your emotional and professional qualities to attract the attention of a decent man who offers you his hand and heart. Old, Lath cover portends an unequal marriage, which does not bring happiness. Bedspread with scorched or patched a hole - a failed courtship. Throw a veil over the dead - a harbinger of the future of the disappointing.

Hasse’s dream book

If the dream blanket that stelyut on the bed, then, will soon become a family man. This item was bright, colorful, luxurious - your wedding and subsequent life together will be as beautiful and prosperous. We lay a blanket - a dream warns that you can get sick because of hypothermia. Hid them some man - will care for seriously ill relative. Tear or cut the veil - a dream to separation or divorce.

Modern dream book

Bedspread dream to a substantial improvement of the financial situation. The same dream for Thursday foretells that you will have a wealthy patron.

Dreaming on Thursday, in which you dreamed veil that hides some man like saying that once tore Barbara curious nose, and you do not have to repeat its mistakes, or get into an awkward position.

If on Wednesday dreamed that you cut up the veil, it is a dream or you already fragmented, you will lose all of your property. Had an accident at a time when you will not be home.

Dream on Saturday, in which you were given blanket of red or black, foretells that envious people want to break your happiness and intrigues, weave.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Change the blanket on the bed - will be moving in the service associated with the move; straighten the bedspread - great wealth and nobility; cover shall be made of the gate - the death of his wife; folding cover - moving, fortunately; washable cover - a great happiness.

On the bed - a speedy marriage.

Net - an auspicious dream;

Dirty — the disease.

If you dream you bed was covered with a blanket, then in real life, you will have a romantic interest that you hide from everyone.

A dream in which you give someone cover means that you do not miss the opportunity to shift some of their problems on to their loved ones.

For a young woman's dream in which she sews and embroiders a blanket promise to her hard-working husband.

Miller’s dream book

Net - an auspicious dream;

Dirty — the disease.


Covering something suggests obliterating it or hiding that which we do not want others to know about us. Burying something in the earth in a dream suggests hiding a misdeed of some sort. Covering over anything signifies making the best of or preserving what we have, perhaps ensuring that shortcomings are not recognized. It will depend what and how we are covering in dreams. Covering an article in brown paper portrays the need to be pragmatic while covering an altar signifies an act of devotion. Covering a chair suggests added comfort while covering up our actions suggests we are aware of opprobrium. Consulting the entries for Altar, Canopy and Paper will assist in your interpretation.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Cover, plaid — alienation, parting; aging; death.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Emptiness; empty cover.

Esoteric Dream Book

What ever — to hide, to try to hide it. The bed - the one who covers, hiding the disease. The table cloth - to hide wealth, hide wealth.


Binding — to obtain the inheritance, or the return of collateral or obtaining a livelihood by lawful means. Lamp (chirog) means the human body, the lamp - the soul, and the oil and wick - liquid, consisting of the body. If who sees in a dream lit the lamp, it is - to health and longevity.

Islamic dream interpretation

Binding — to obtain the inheritance, or the return of collateral or receiving means to enforce the law ways. The lamp (chirog) means the human body, the lamp - the soul, and the oil and wick - liquid, consisting of the body. If one sees in a dream lit the lamp, it is - to health and longevity.


A cover, or something that covers, can represent:

Obscured view or limited understanding, as in an object blocking your view out the window that represents you feeling uninformed about events in the world

Concealment or hiding, as in a concealed gun that represents a hidden motive to overpower

Protection, as in a blanket protecting from the cold, which represents efforts to avoid harsh circumstances

Misrepresentation or dishonesty, as in a picture covering a hole in the wall that represents an attempt to keep someone from knowing the truth

Denial (dishonesty to oneself), as in a blanket of beautiful snow representing a denial of the reality underneath

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