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Dream «Deceased»

Wash the corpse - the dead to the new.

Loff’s dream book

When the dream appears dead, as a rule, it is interpreted as a regular presence, the solution of some issues and condemnation.

Most often, a dream in which you visited the dead man remembered with not very pleasant emotions, you a little bit scary. However, keep in mind that his appearance is not in itself has some great sense when viewed as a whole dream. Most often it's a simple dream, a dream where the deceased alive participant in the events, without being a any significant actor. Maybe he appears as a consequence of recollections of the event, which once had the attitude and the deceased. It is likely that sleep - a manifestation of latent sadness, regret the lack of the man in your life.

Dreams, where the dead are directly related some specific events and actions that belong to the category of resolving dreams. The phenomenon of the deceased in this case - the main event of the unfolding scenario. Maybe they need something that you can not give them; maybe their actions are in your soul a certain emotional response (positive or negative staining). Whatever it was, the action or failure to commit one way or another are related to the settlement of relations. Such dreams may be accompanied by feelings of joy or condemnation - depending on whether the relationship could be allowed or not.

There are condemning dreams - when we see dead or alive, or zombie. They generate in us a sense of painful, because we do not have the opportunity to do anything to change the situation.

Think of what features were characteristic of the deceased during his life and whether that their actual behavior dreamed. Perhaps it makes sense to try to better understand the personality of the deceased, to try to understand what it was in the eyes of others.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To rain, weather changes; beyond the grave - Guest; famous person close - Herald fate; News of the wedding or the luck of the man, if you see a coffin.

Hasse’s dream book

Sign of the health and long life.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

See the dead man in the coffin - the material pribytok; crying - altercation, quarrel; see the dead man, who is - a big problem; the dead come to life - the news letter; see the corpse of another person or himself - fortunately; to see his dead son - happy event will be with the addition of; open coffin and talk to the dead - unfortunately; dead rising from the grave - will come from the guest; dead eating - illness.

By a rain, weather changes;

Beyond the grave - Guest.

Also see. Dead Man's funeral, Corpse.

To rain, weather changes; beyond the grave - Guest.

See — a warning;

To see his dead father or speak to him - the risk to make a bad deal, be careful in business, for the enemies surround you;

To see his dead mother - excessive sensibility will provide for you a source of trouble, possible illness of a loved one;

Deceased brother or other relative, friend - in the near future someone will ask you for advice or financial assistance;

Looks like a dead man alive and happy - someone has a bad influence on you, which you run the risk of succumbing to suffer serious losses;

Talk to some long-dead relative and he tries to grab you some promise - in your life, start a black bar if you do not follow the advice of your friends;

For girls — dead, risen from their graves surround the you and friends refuse to come to the rescue - the unpleasant events.

Also see. Cellar, the Shroud, Death, Conversation.

Aesop’s dream book

This symbol has different meanings. Usually, if the deceased did not ask for and does not show discontent, does not state claims, then sleep to dream about changing weather. To dream that people condemn the one who lies in his grave - in trouble; get ready for a conflict with the boss; a quarrel with neighbors or strangers. To dream of a man who died long ago, as if he were still alive - a change in the weather. To see the man who with his pale sea is very similar to the deceased - to disease; a conversation with a friend who has serious problems; to rendezvous with older people.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

The deceased was a dream to see - heralds the change in the weather.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Like the dead dream alive, it will be a big trouble or weakness. Another meaning: a long life. If, sometimes, talking in his sleep with the dead, then soon there will be some exciting news. Dead dreams - rain will; a quarrel, and more - to the change in the weather. Dead dreams and snowstorm, and the rain. The deceased - rain, snow, and the family - it is necessary to remember. Dead man - evil. If you dream of deceased parents: my mother or father (or both), then this is the exact sign - is something wrong in the family - or with a person or with a beast. Parents from the world give to know their children - something bad will. Dead mother had a dream - to be a mountain. In the dream dead says: "I have torn clothes", you have to give someone a poor clothes - stop dreaming. The deceased calls with him or says, "I'll take you," you will die. What drives away, saying, "Do not walk behind me," then you will live.


To rain, weather changes; beyond the grave - Guest; famous person close - Herald fate; News of the wedding or the luck of the man, if you see him in a coffin; stranger in a coffin - to the benefit of; reviving - to trouble losses; dies again - the death of the similarity (name, appearance); resolution of the situation, if he sleep; dead angry noise - to retribution; takes something - unfortunately with loved ones or yourself sleeping (if you take clothes); provides - also to trouble other than money - to wealth; food gives a dead man - to health or happiness in their personal; clothes-for patronage, welfare (despite what the clothes); cm. Coffin.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

The deceased — health, longevity.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you should dream of a deceased person and this person speaks only to you, pay close attention to what the spirit is telling you as it could be very important to you. To dream of seeing a deceased person is normally a dream of warning, and it tells you that the influences around you at this time does not bode well for your affairs, and you should not enter into any binding contracts or verbal agreements until this phase passes.

Dream book of Vanga

The deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. :They bring messages and convey the notion that everything is OK.