Dream «Eating / drinking»

Bacon. A piece of bacon is a quick death a loved one. Eat bacon - to defeat enemies. Smoke or pickle bacon - someone close to sick. Pancakes. See cook or eat pancakes - what you now think the trouble will be a boon. Brandy. Do you live for fun, not thinking about tomorrow and not caring about friends. Jam / Jelly. Canning preserves - the neighbors will be your good friends. Ham. You will meet a very outgoing, cheerful person. Wine. If you dream that you are drinking wine - it's a good omen, foreboding health, wealth, long life and happiness. If you're in love, you enclose a marriage with someone you adore. If you are already married - you will become especially close with her husband (wife). Bakery (bread, cake, etc. There are pastries - you miss an important meeting. You can get sick at the wrong time. Mustard. Several family quarrels. Grain. Corn on the bun means earnings, cash income. Grain, sprouted in the field - you will be a happy marriage. Popcorn is a windfall. Cabbage. There is a dream cabbage - will come to you good luck. Cooking cabbage - you get stuck in debt. Coffee. Drinking coffee or feel its flavor - to a long life. Liquor. You can make something that will later regret very much. Salmon, salmon. The symbol of deception. There are salmon - you expose fraud. Pasta. Symbol of intense suffering and pain. Honey. You're acting with someone sickly sweetly, and it shows! Milk. Drink milk - you will be very happy in love. Milk a cow - you have to work very hard to win the heart of man, which he dreamed, and in the end you will succeed. Flour. See packaged flour or flour at the mill - a good time to invest, but do not invest all your money in one company. Boiled / fried meat. You are prone to melancholy and living in the past. Pig (meat). You will be cheated in their feelings. Millet. Symbol of Poverty. Rice. As millet, is a symbol of poverty. Salad. Various obstacles. Lettuce. According to the interpretation of Roma, salad dream for good. For women, this means that in a relationship with her lover came the wonderful times. If a man sees a dream - he will be honored with the attention of beautiful women. Cream. Drink cream - you'll get a surprise gift. Shedding cream - you suddenly have to pay the bill. Butter. You will be the owner of the state, but the wealth you will get too high a price. Salt. You will realize the great wisdom. Sausages. You accuse that interfere in other people's love affairs. Soup. You will regain good health. Biscuit / butter biscuits. You have high jinks. Cheese. Irritation, frustration, failure. Cake. There is a cake - good luck. Oddly enough, but if a woman dreams that she is eating wedding cake, it means that her life will come a period of failures. Eel. The evil enemies. Vinegar. Some time you have to work in vain. Oysters. There are oysters in a dream - usually a very auspicious sign, indicating a large family. If you are married, your spouse (husband) will love you very much and you will have a few children. If you are not yet married, then create a family and you have children. Bread. Smell of bread - you get the opportunity to earn a little. Lend a loaf of bread means that you have a baby. Cut bread - to share with other good luck. There are fresh bread - enjoy good friendship. There stale bread - a possible disease. Champagne. Symbolizes money. Bottle of champagne - a chance to make money. Drink champagne - to receive money. Chocolate. Eating or drinking chocolate - you'll soon survive the disease, although not heavy. Eggs. Happiness in family love.