The interpretation of the dream «Erotic film»

Sleep that a person takes part in the shooting erotic film as an actor, is based on the dreamer's desire to appear to other people in his true guise. Erotic dream background indicates that the true face of the dreamer seems to him something abnormal or pathological, or just obscene, and for this reason he is not able to openly demonstrate their inclinations and interests. However, they have a strong power over them, and are constantly striving to manifest. The results of this desire symbolically manifested in dreams in the form of exposure and performing erotic acts of a certain character. The exact interpretation of this dream depends on what the dreamer performs during the filming of. If you see yourself committing sex act in front of the camera, which means that you unconsciously compare their lives with intimate act in front of everyone, or a recent event made you feel naked in front of others. If you see yourself committing sexual intercourse oral route, it symbolizes your desire to look for the easy way out, which, however, does not always meet the standards of morality. If you see yourself involved in sexual intercourse anal way, it means striving to ensure that all people knew about your prosperous state of the material, that you were jealous and sought meetings with you. If you see yourself participating in group sex like a dream means that you are trying to wishful thinking, creating a semblance of good relations with others, whereas in reality many of them for you unpleasant or even intolerable. Dream about shooting erotic film provides a great opportunity to interpret because of the already marginal diversity of subjects of this film. However, before we talk about specific elements of its content, you must specify the erotic symbolism of the film itself. It is an expression of the desire to be the center of attention, to share their most intimate feelings, but at the same time to avoid publicity and appear not as discussed as well as the main criticism. If you dream of cooking for the shooting, it is a sign of aging ideas, your desire to "show focus", to introduce others into error, appear to others. If you see yourself behind a movie camera or guiding the process of shooting, it is a sign of your subconscious desire to lead people, to be the center of attention, to take part in the fate of other. If you shoot a particular scene, such a dream has a special meaning to fix your unconscious that expressly or implicitly shown in the pictures you are onstage, for example, regular sex - you are trying to activate their lifetime, ever rush into the thick of things; oral sex - you will find in other people too much immaturity, feel their babies, compared with a; anal sex - you see the people around you as having more perfect talent to accumulate things, the benefits and resources, but the fact that to learn from them, prevents your pride. Masturbation scene means in this case, your irresistible desire to know the secrets and mysteries of other people and manipulate in their favor (up to blackmail).