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Traditionally the face represented, or rather symbolized, the basic powers of the Soul; the eyes are the mirror, the mouth represents expression, the forehead knowledge. We learn most about people from their faces, so to be particularly conscious of faces in dreams suggests that we may be seeking knowledge or information not otherwise available to us. If any part of the face seems particularly prominent or outstanding that should be interpreted separately. To concentrate on somebody elses face in a dream is an attempt to understand the outward personality. To be looking at our own face reflected in a mirror means that we may be trying to come to terms with the way we express ourselves in the ordinary, everyday world. We may also be attempting to understand our own ulterior motives. When the face is hidden or has no features, we are hiding our own power, or refusing to acknowledge our own abilities. Consult the entries for Eyes, Hair, Head and Mouth in Body for further clarification.

Miller’s dream book

This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright faces, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you. To a young person, an ugly face foretells lovers' quarrels; or for a lover to see the face of his sweetheart looking old, denotes separation and the breaking up of happy associations. To see a strange and weird-looking face, denotes that enemies and misfortunes surround you. To dream of seeing your own face, denotes unhappiness; and to the married, threats of divorce will be made. To see your face in a mirror, denotes displeasure with yourself for not being able to carry out plans for self-advancement. You will also lose the esteem of friends.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To dream of seeing your own face in a mirror denotes some type of trouble ahead for you. To see happy, smiling faces show that good luck will reward your efforts. A dream of weird, leering faces is warning you of potential danger to your person, or misfortune will dog your steps.

Dream book of Vanga

A person*s face may not be that person, but the feelings and emotions associated with it. Can indicate that person or that type of person. With out a face: Pay attention to the dream action and content rather than the person.

Esoteric Dream Book

His see (including the mirror) - a disease. His, but the changes - to the changes in life in the line of conduct. Familiar - to hostile relations with a man by what he saw. If "person" is selected, a dream fulfilled very soon.


Looks like in a dream a beautiful open face with guileless eyes - it means that you can without fear to participate in entertainment that will fall to your share in the near future. But to see an ugly, sullen and angry face - foreshadows adverse events. If you dream that you admire a beautiful color of his face - it promises good luck, the unexpected, but pleasant experiences. No matter the complexion portends frustration. To dream thick ugly lips someone's face - a hasty and ill-considered decisions. Pleasant smiling full lips - foretells harmony in relationships, abundance in the house. Loving this dream promises reciprocity. Thin lips indicate that the upcoming difficult situation, you can easily master. inflamed, swollen lips - a sign of future unhealthy desires, deprivation and disease from someone familiar. Happy faces around you in a dream - a dream is very favorable, but the gloomy environment of people - to the dismay of the future. Unfavorable dream in which you see your face or the face of a stranger - it promises you grief. see in a mirror reflection of his face - a sign of discontent soon because of the inability to organize themselves and planned to finish. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about face

If you had a happy smiling faces, it is an auspicious dream. But if the face is ugly and gloomy, beware of misfortune. What I saw in a dream a foreign country a person may mean that some enemies around you. If you had a private face, it's in trouble. If you are married, then the dream may be a precursor to divorce. To see the reflection of her face in the mirror means that you will torment of dissatisfaction related to the fact that you can not perform scheduled.

Islamic dream interpretation

Who sees his brow or forehead, or the face of a beautiful and large - is to value and honorable position in society and welfare. And if someone sees it all ugly and in small amounts - on the contrary. If one sees in a dream on the face of its dust - it is a wickedness and depravity.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Your or someone else's - troubles, illness; pale, tired - success, health; wash - regret about his actions; obscure - get the bad news; visible in the water reflection of his own face - a long life; in the mirror - you will find a malaise; very pale - a serious illness; disgusting - alarm; have a beautiful face - your kids will be happy.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

To see themselves in the mirror stained with soot, then wash off and see herself in the mirror clean - will be able to get rid of slander against you of your former friends.


How a person presents themselves, or what they choose to show to the world.If a person's face appears differently in a dream than in reality, consider how it is different—it may be saying something about how you view that person. For example, your mother's face appearing 30 years younger than she is could mean that you think of her as young-at-heart.Random faces often show up during twilight sleep, when you are dropping off to sleep or waking up. These can seem like they carry significant meaning when they actually do not.