Dream » L » Lemon

The interpretation of the dream «Lemon»

There are lemons in a dream - to humiliation and frustration.

Green lemon - could herald a disease likely, infectious.

Withered lemon in a dream - is divorce for married or break relations for lovers.

Miller’s dream book

See the lemon tree with abundant foliage, - the dream stands a harbinger of what you'll be jealous of your loved one. However, the later you get evidence to refute the validity of your suspicions. There are lemons - this humiliation and frustration. Green fruit of a dream or some other infectious disease. Withered lemon lovers heralds breakup, divorce - married.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Esoteric Dream Book

An exotic journey not very pleasant. There are "sour" moments.

Hasse’s dream book

See - will soon get a nice message; clean - a lightness will avoid danger; Squeeze - you will receive sad news.

Ancient French dream book

Lemon — this bitterness and obstacles to the implementation of its goals. But do not be upset as soon soothe the fact that you will have a considerable fortune. There is a lemon - to the betrayal of a loved one.

Modern dream book

Emotional grief, shock and depression.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Something ill-considered. Purification. D. interpretation of the specific color shades.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Lemon is a cleaning agent. Take care of the cleansing of the body. In addition, try to clear your emotions and thoughts.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Lemon to see - well. There is a lemon - the money. Squeeze - remain dissatisfied with something, to be unhappy place to work.

New family dream book

Lemon tree with lush foliage dream to jealousy. But it is better not to give in to that feeling, because for him there is no reason. If you eat lemons in a dream, you are waiting humiliation and frustration. Green Lemon - a disease. Withered lemon heralds rupture of relations.

Aesop’s dream book

This symbol is associated with something acidic, tamp-old. But, like many other characters, this dream can be interpreted in two ways. This southern exotic fruit and capricious. Perhaps this brave Chippolino fought with the army of evil and insidious Lemons. The main value lies in its lemon myagkoti so popular wisdom holds such a saying: "Squeeze the lemon, and throw it away! "Or," squeezed lemon, rind and threw ". If you dream you are buying lemons - it's a sign that you are tired of the moral and mental suffering and want to change your lifestyle. A dream in which you cut a lemon - means that you should be more prudent to build your life, if you want to achieve something. To dream of a green lemon - symbolizes the unfortunate event that happens to someone close. If you do eat green lemon - a bad sign. You will be something very sad and life will seem a disappointment to you. To dream a dry piece of lemon - a sign that in reality you will have no cause for grief. All will be extremely well. If you dream you are growing a lemon tree - which means that in real life you will have the opportunity to go to an interesting and rather exotic journey. A dream in which you are drinking tea with lemon - warns that your frivolity will have to have unpleasant and unexpected consequences. You bit off a piece of lemon in his mouth and felt a strong acid - this means that you look at life through rose-colored glasses, and therefore do not notice the real events. See themselves in a lemon wood - a sign that you are looking for peace of mind. If you dream you saw a squeezed lemon - it means that someone will try to use your friendship for personal gain. A dream in which you eat rotten lemon - means that in reality you are troubled with remorse for the offense. Sweet lemon - is good news. To dream of a blooming lemon - a sign that your prudence in reality it will be appreciated.

Dream book of Health

See lemon - a symbol of favorable situations; There lemon - to vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamin C deficiency and organic acids and essential trace elements; for a possible cold. See squeezed lemon - to the difficulties in life, to the high costs of mental, physical and nervous disease.

Children's Dream Book

Lemon — a bad mood, to boredom, melancholy.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Lemon is — means to receive a nuisance in another case.

Old Russian Dream Book


Exotic journey, not a very pleasant. There will be "sour" moments.

Lemon in a dream - promises you the bitterness and interference in the affairs of. However, in the near future you will be comforted gaining considerable fortune. If you dream you were eating a lemon - a favorite thing you will betray you.

See — soon to get a nice clean message - through quickness will avoid the danger squeeze - you will receive sad news.

If you dream you squeezed lemon juice, wait for the onset of hard times.

A look at the lemon tree with lush foliage - the jealousy of a loved one; but the available evidence must convince you of the absurdity of your charges;

There are lemons - the humiliation, frustration;

Green lemon — or other infectious disease;

Withered lemon — divorce (for married), rupture of relations (for the lovers).

Also see. Tree Leaves.

As the dream of a lemon, it's not a very good sign: some grief attack, oxygen will.

Freud’s dream book

Sucking a lemon in a dream predicts that you will be unpopular among professional people. To squeeze a lemon for use in making mixed drinks portends difficult times ahead.

Culinary Dream Book

If you dream you squeezed lemon juice, wait for the onset of hard times.


Emotional grief, shock and depression.

Henry Rommel

Lemon dreamed — a sign of grief, shock, mental affliction.Green fruit - disease.Another meaning: you will suffer from their own actions committed with good intentions: the society will perceive it wrongly.There lemons - to the humiliation and frustration.Lush green lemon tree without fruit - a symbol of jealousy, which will cover you, but then realize that the suspected lover in vain.The dried up tree or the fruit - a divorce or the breakdown of relationships.

Russian Dream Book

Sadness, emotional grief, shock.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Emotional grief; see - will soon get a nice message, purify - through quickness avoid danger; squeeze - get the sad news.

Ukrainian Dream Book

As the dream of a lemon, it's a sign is not very good: some grief attack, sweet will.