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Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — wood, earth, water, fire. Elements - wind, humidity, cold, heat. Emotions - anger, joy, pensiveness, fear, inaccessibility. Organs - the liver, spleen, kidneys, heart,. The Planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars. Explanation and interpretation of the dream bears the imprint of the day to a greater or lesser extent reflects our behavior in relation to the world during the day, coupled with the general outlook of life. The existing day advanced (open embrace the world) or the limitation of perception (observe the world through the narrow slit visor preconceptions) are repeated at night at its core: impressions vary in appearance, but emotionally duplicate the feeling that arose during the day. Usually people set a goal: life-on-year, on a day for an hour. Achievement / failure to day (or larger) objectives is reflected in the way dreams sensation distance. Distance - is the separation / separation of man from real-life goals. The outcome did not achieve separate space, but needs to overcome its time. Therefore, the sense of space in a dream often (almost always) associated with a sense of time (enough - not enough). However, each person lives in the inside - a capsule of its own internal time. Man creates around itself processes (cases) and relationships, seeking to subordinate everything to their internal rhythms. Appointing their own timetables for achieving future goals, each based on the knowledge of their past proven capabilities, even partially convinced of their limitations. Thus, implementing in order to achieve a future goal past opportunities people have already restricts itself - creates each other and in order to prevent. In addition, the philosophical categories of space and time are related to each other (outside this context, they are imperceptible) representation of their own speed. Space and time create their own movement speed / perception and immediate, though invisible, are beginning to impose their own creator-man (philosophical categories live in full accordance with the interconversion between the yin and yang). After all, people, creating the concept of time and space as the creator gave them their strength - energy and weakened. This is the second major limitation in achieving the goal to overcoming space and time: every human weakness gives them power over the creator. Next, the action takes a simple quantitative law: what would be more - right or wrong? The strength or weakness? Open to the world, and free from bias people, of course, will get the right information more quickly and are more likely to achieve the goal. World stronger creations of the mind, space and time. Distance and space acutely aware in the dream - the distance-yin able to accept / accommodate everything from a needle to the universe - the ten thousand beings on earth. Sensing distance in a dream - realize their own relationship to the world, its remoteness or proximity to it: Distant objects (people, mountains - panoramic landscape / image), and the slow rhythm of perception, combined with the fact that the picture does not come close - lack of confidence in their own abilities and fear to. Distance in a dream - not a sign that the goal is far away from the observer, on the contrary, the observer moves away from the goal, so he does not have the inner strength to achieve. If a picture in a dream is rapidly approaching the observer (sometimes he runs to her) to the extreme closeness and fusion (enter into the picture and begin to perceive it as reality) - to overcome their own fears and self-restraint. Merging with a view to destroying the strained and always unfavorable (unhealthy heat of emotion and the extent possible) the senses of space and time as something separate from human. Merging with a view - a fusion with the world in which it exists: one becomes the world and the world is getting to them. This is a harmonious state of mind means to overcome all negative emotions. And since the world but aims at its core, then disappear and cease to interfere with harsh restrictions: the goal - not a goal, I - the world, I - time, space, and so on. The last option of sleep is very favorable and promises success in all areas of. Seen in any of the embodiments of sleep with a sense of space (distant image or close to entering the dreamer in the picture), the images of the past - in this case, an acute sense of time can not be destroyed, because it is impossible to merge with the past. Moreover, in the morning may be a detachment from reality: Rod go back to sleep in the past. In this case, a clear awareness of the mind, that sleep came for correction of something in the present and in the future (in the past was forgotten something important). Only in this case, the past merges with the present and future, supplying them with energy. Back to the past is physically impossible for a human - it stops moving forward and death. Sleep is favorable as far as possible to understand its meaning and to use the information obtained.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

See uninhabited space in a wild place - a long journey.

Dreaming of a broad, bright space - expect a wonderful life with no obstacles.


Space is a representation of a cosmic centre a place that ?is, was and ever shall be?. When it appears in a dream it shows we need to widen our present view of the world. Psychologically we often need space to make the best use of opportunities. We should be capable of going beyond our own concepts of limitation and restriction. As the exploration of space takes us beyond our own little world, we become more conscious of the need for best use of resources. In dreams, when we are aware of the space we occupy we are in touch with our own potential. We may be aware that our personal space is being, or has been, penetrated. To be ?spaced out? is to have widened our personal boundaries artificially through the use of stimuli.You might also like to consult the entries for Astronaut and Rocket.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Space — in general - a field of consciousness of the snovidets, area of his feelings, thoughts, aspirations, acts which will be shown soon in reality.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Widely open spaces, steppe. Friendship, but also the danger presentiment is possible.

Ukrainian Dream Book

The wide, light space dreams – expect a wonderful life without obstacles.


Beautiful, vast - quickness will give you well-being; the poor and close - would be unable to bring the case to the end, to find - the difficulty, inspect - you are waiting for change.

Henry Rommel

Infinitely extended space marks some litigation protracted and fraught with many troubles and injustices which the end is not in sight.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Beautiful, vast - quickness will give you well-being; the poor and close - would be unable to bring the case to the end, to find - the difficulty, inspect - you are waiting for change.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Dreaming of a wide, bright space - exciting life without obstacles.


Freedom, permission, possibilities. Dreaming that you have plenty of space can represent the idea of having time to yourself or having plenty of alone-time. Space away from others can represent remoteness or isolation.

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