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Dream «Threshold»

If you dream you stumbled over the threshold and stretched out on the floor - it foretells you a fleeting affair, to nothing call flirting with a young man. High threshold - an unexpected meeting with an old acquaintance, low - to happiness and contentment in the house.

To let the cat across the threshold of a new home or apartment foretells harmony and peace in the family. If you are in a dream afraid to cross the threshold of the house - so in reality you are waiting insurmountable difficulties.

Hasse’s dream book

Walk - build your own house.

Aesop’s dream book

Popular wisdom says: "Whatever the threshold, and then stumble". In dreams, the threshold associated with an obstacle, intervention trials. So, if you dream you're trying to climb a high threshold, then in reality you will have to work hard in order to achieve the desired results. A dream in which you stumble and fall on the doorstep - foretells you deceit imaginary friends who will do all it can to prevent your luck. To step over the threshold of a dream - in reality you make enough effort to find a way to get ahead of its rivals. To dream that someone steps over the threshold of your home - for unexpected guests or lime. Frustrated and broke threshold - the symbol of danger. Do not get too trusting imaginary friends. If you dream you saw something under your threshold lies - a sign that now you can not stand up for yourself, because at the moment your enemies much stronger than you. A dream in which you see on the doorstep of his home a dog - is idle talk and rumors. See yourself in a dream on the verge of a new home - means that you soak with honor all the tests and succeed. If you dream you diligently brush and scrape the threshold - so in reality you get as in the saying: "The threshold scratched yes pie baked". soon you will have serious financial difficulties and you have to skimp on the essentials.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Cross — a victory;

To recovery;

Return to his home;

Tripped — to death if dropped.


We may be standing on the threshold of a new spiritual awareness. We need to be particularly alert as to what changes are occurring. At this time we are often aware of a personal guiding force known as the Guardian of the Threshold. The Guardian of the Threshold to the Underworld (a different entity) is often seen in dreams as a dog. When we are about to take on new responsibilities, we can dream of standing on a threshold. We may be moving into a new life, or perhaps a new way of living. The threshold experience is a particularly strong one in Masonic imagery and Initiation rites and surfaces in dreams when we are emotionally ready for such a ceremony. Even in Parliament, permission must be asked to cross the threshold. Crossing the threshold in dreams indicates new experiences. To be lifted across a threshold may suggest marriage, or in this day and age, a new relationship. Consult the entries for Ceremony, Edge, Freemason, Initiation and Rite/Ritual for further information.


Walk - build their own home.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Cross - build your own house.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Good sleep. High threshold - be decisive.