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The interpretation of the dream «Zebra»


This animal has much the same significance as the horse, but with the additional meaning of balancing the negative and the positive in a very dynamic way. When animals appear in a dream they tend to represent an aspect of the personality that cannot be properly understood except on an instinctive level. Below are some common images that occur in dreams.

Freud’s dream book

If you dream of one of these striped, horse-like animals, you are likely to visit good friends who live in the country. A dead zebra portends that one of your acquaintances is in danger of having to serve a prison sentence.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a zebra, denotes that you will be interested in varying and fleeting enterprises. To see one wild in his native country, foretells that you will pursue a chimerical fancy which will return you unsatisfactory pleasure upon possession.

Nostradamus’s dream book

A dream of a zebra indicates that your present interest in an enterprise willing not endure. A zebra in the wild shows that you are spending too much time in trivial pursuits and the need for stability is strong.

Aesop’s dream book

Because of black-and-white coloring the zebra is considered a symbol of human life in which the strip of pleasures and wellbeing alternates with the period of grief and bad luck.

Ancient French dream book

If the running zebra dreamed you, – the dream warns you against insincere friendship.

East female dream book

To see a wild zebra means that your purposes are obviously unattainable. The zebra in a zoo – a sign of that to you is not possible to make the life more interesting in any way.

Freud’s dream book

If the zebra dreamed you is means that your partner differs in extremely changeable and changeable temper. That was pleasant to it yesterday and quite arranged today, can enrage tomorrow. Therefore you can compare the state to stay on a powder keg, in every minute expectation of explosion. It is not excluded that, your partner still never in life showed care of you and did not take an interest: and whether satisfies you the existing rules and you would not like to introduce some amendments in your union? Harmony reigns at you only in a bed as there it is frankly weak and therefore something hesitates to dictate. But as it is known, life is not limited to one bed, and proceeds and beyond its limits.

Loff’s dream book

Dreams about zebras often are reflection of feeling of the inconstancy which is present at your real life. You can perceive yourself as two (or more) accurately expressed to the personality, competing for prevalence in your behavior, customs and other vital roles. It especially concerns to the persons combating, which are engaged in affairs, doubtful from the ethical point of view, or that who is incorrect in relation to another.

Longo’s dream book

The zebra symbolizes herself your life: like its strips, life consists of two alternating strips, black and white. Depends only on you as quickly black strip can replace white and vice versa. To dream means the jumping zebra that you lead very active lifestyle. You do not miss and do not allow to miss another.

Modern dream book

The dreamed zebra testifies that you are inclined to spend the forces for various occupations, the hobby with which quickly passes. To see a wild zebra means that your purposes are obviously unattainable. To see a zebra in a zoo means that you do not manage to make the life more interesting in any way.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Zebra — a symbol of strange accident, extravagance.

Freud’s dream book

If you had a zebra - it means that your partner is different to be extremely volatile and fickle-minded. What he liked yesterday and was fine today may ruffle tomorrow. So you can compare their condition with a stay on a powder keg, in every minute waiting for the explosion. It is possible that your partner has never in his life to take care of you and not asked, and you satisfied with the existing rules and would you like to make some adjustments in your union? Harmony reigns you only in bed, because there he was a weak and therefore dictate that any hesitate. But as you know, life is not restricted to a single bed, and goes on and beyond.


What I saw in a dream zebra indicates that you tend to waste their strength on a variety of activities, hobby that quickly passes. See wild zebra means that your goals clearly unattainable. Seeing a zebra at the zoo means that You can not even make my life more interesting.

Loff’s dream book

Dreams of zebras are often a reflection of the feeling of impermanence, present in your real life. You can perceive themselves as two (or more) distinct personalities competing for predominance in your behavior, manners and other life roles. This applies especially to those leading the fight involved questionable from an ethical point of view, business, or who is wrong in relation to the others.

Modern dream book

Adanger on the road. (Learn how to traffic rules.).

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Adanger on the road.


Ambivalence or the ability to see both sides of an issues. The ability to see things clearly—to see things "in black and white." Fun or fantasy. Dreaming of this animal can represent:

Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way

Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this

Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)

For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.