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The interpretation of the dream «Ask»

Ask me — good luck.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

(ask questions) — a very good night's sleep to success.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — water, earth, fire. Elements - cold, humidity, heat. Emotions - fear, thoughtfulness, joy. Organs - kidneys, bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach, heart, small intestine. The planets - Mercury, Saturn, Mars. Children actively perceiving the world, many questions because the children have no more conceit, self-love in a negative form and the knowledge of other limiting characteristics. Passion for knowledge - a beautiful, nature given to man to find his only way hell. Cognition without any tangible goals - the perfect kind of forward movement corresponding to the rhythms of heaven and earth and sustained course of evolution. Unfortunately, with age, a passion for knowledge, a sense of happiness from the recognition of a new blunted, and it fits in many cases, old age, disease and regressive personal and social course of evolution. Chto-libo/hotet ask a question to ask in a dream (feeling) / find someone who could answer in a dream-state Jahn-active spiritual movement for the implementation of the internal yin. To ask / to ask the question in a dream - to have a question means understanding the infinity of the world and the limited perception / knowledge. Harmonious state of child and asking questions indicates compliance with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. To be able to properly ask a question (perhaps after overcoming his own Tongues) - means a rejection of their own fears and doubts, and to find ways of reducing the natural rhythms of the body, which is always a positive and regains health. The right question - is half of the answer, but the answer is not always available because of the turbidity of waking consciousness of physical events of the day. Need an interlocutor with a new look at the problem. To ask the question in a dream means to set it himself - the part of your perception, that day can not be involved in the solution of the problem. It is from this part of the mystery of consciousness and usually comes the long-awaited answer. To answer a dream come true, you should try to formulate a question to yourself during the day. To have a need / desire to ask a question and you do not specify - and in sleep and waking it means emotional blocks that do not bode well. The reason - pride, self-esteem, fear, which can lead to heart disease, kidney and spleen. This dream - the first warning signal, and he dreamed of would be if the dreamer did not behave like that in reality. As a medicine can offer to think about folk proverb: Do not be a shame not to know - not ashamed to ask. Even someone swearing in response to the question - is a response to the motion and that it is better stillness of silence.

Esoteric Dream Book

Someone — you something really want to talk, share their thoughts and vain force yourself to remain silent. So you can get sick. You are asked to - someone to you can not "get through."There can be problems with relatives or children.


(Ask questions) — a very good sleep, good luck.