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Dream «Baby Crib»

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Elements - wind, humidity, heat, dryness, cold. Emotions - have no conscious expression. Organs - lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, gall bladder, bladder, small intestine, large intestine, stomach,. The planets - Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus. A baby does not yet have their outlook and behavior-established rhythms of life. The infant lives unconsciously rhythms inherited from the parents, and external rhythms of Earth and Space, so all five planets have on the child strong, compared with the adult, the impact of. Adult fall under the so dependent on other people's beats, only when sick and weak, and the child is dependent, but comfortable feeding and food and energy is the natural and the only possible. In development / increase in child feeling replaced by conscious feelings - emotions and the proven reactions to their environment, increases the capacity for external yang ordinary self-protection response actions. Ideally, the strict dependence of the adult planet disappears, but he lives in a consistent rhythm with them - it's a healthy and long life. In practice, the adult (stage of puberty) immediately begin violations - separation from the rhythm of the planets, the planets dependent agencies are working in an unnatural to them the nature of the rhythm, which leads to disease and secondary unhealthy depending on planets where the authority is dangerous influence is guiding them to the planet due to mismatch of rhythms. Internal rhythm of man can not be opposed to global rhythms of Earth and Space, if it happens, it leads to disease and destruction of the mind and body. To dream of a cradle or a baby on national signs of many nations - to illness and misfortune. This sign is like a dream of the hero / heroine, widely used in literature. Carry cot / crib with a child or children without the child belongs to the rhythm of life of early childhood baby without impersonation with a specific child - a state of excess internal forces of yin with a lack of the external manifestations of yang. To dream of an empty crib / infant with unknown (he is in solders interpretation) - is the awakening of the memory of the need to coordinate their rhythms with the rhythms of life microcosm of the universe. Conscious vision problems here yet, but there is a need for change, the memory is trying to find the Missing Link. Adult in the state of unhappiness - is the maximum external displays with full exhaustion of internal, leading to depression. At critical moments of life (illness, loss of meaning in life) people looking for an opportunity to regain a sense of fullness of life in harmony with the cosmos, and the memory gives him the saved image of the state of early childhood. Favorable dream or not - it depends on the dreamer's behavior: is there a desire for change and energy in the body, but completely impossible to copy the state of infancy, it should not look to the past, but actively seek to turn out healthy and the rhythms of life. Crying (whimpering) sick child to see and even more to keep on his knees, his hands on - negatively, as a complete personification of himself helpless child, but already detached from the rhythms of the cosmos. Looking at the prevailing emotion in a dream, looking for already affected organs. In the outside for a dream foretells the collapse in business and relationships as a result of the loss of a sense of adequacy of perception. You must change the attitude to the world and their place in it. His friend, or a child to dream - information about it should be interpreted on the content of sleep.