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The interpretation of the dream «Enter»

If you dream you walk into a door - it portends your futile attempts to get rid of enemies and slanderers. But if this is the house door, in which you spent your childhood - so you in the future happiness and secured environment of kindred spirits. If you dream that you are entering a pawn shop - you are waiting for disappointment and loss shortly after waking from sleep.

Enter the house through the window means that you will be caught for using illegal means to achieve the goal at first sight noble.

See how others are at the door, is the possible difficulty in doing up your affairs.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Elements — wind, cold, dryness, dampness. Emotions - anger, fear, doubt, sadness. Yang organs - gall bladder, urinary bladder, stomach, large intestine. The Planets - Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus. Explanation and interpretation Select, go inside yourself or by coercion - the state of the Jahn-action. Go in (state) somewhere in a dream - symbolizing the need to change attitudes towards the movement going on in life in general. And the state of the problem and meet the spring. Enter on their own, a place where a person is in a dream is a symbol of himself, what he is actually. Given the opportunity, without prejudice to myself to look the part. For example, one considers himself a genius and comes in a cluttered closet. Awake, we are constantly creating a myth about ourselves - cast image. Sleep erases not corresponding to the internal appearance. Enter at will into a room where someone is from the familiar - in this case reveals the internal shape of the room is in it. In life may seem familiar uninteresting, drab, but the preconceived notion changed after visiting him in the palace, in the garden and so on. Showing the true face of people's sleep is always favorable - is to help. Log in to where ever was - so to get access to some hidden information about yourself, and all tested at the same time reveal the feelings and inclinations of their own attitude to this knowledge, fear, curiosity, the desire to apply the practical and the like. The desire and the inability to enter (the door is locked, do not find the entrance) - external obstacles (someone resists) or the lack of timeliness (not yet time, the hazard). This dream can mean the phenomenon of detractors in the life. Coming to someone familiar and feel a mutual desire to communicate (transmit information), but do not have the opportunity (to you - do not enter, he was - do not open the door, and so on) - which means that a certain situation or someone standing between the people. Changes are needed in relation to the desired information, the adjustment of the objectives and the like (sleep is likely to be repeated). Getting in to the deceased as a living - you broke up wrong, something nedogovorit may not have fulfilled the promise (some of you). You are granted a further meeting - use it, and do not be afraid. The request of the deceased, if it is real, is to be performed (requests to remove too heavy gravestone, bring flowers, letters and tear, etc.). It will bring peace and liberation of the deceased from the past. Dreamer that should bring good luck. Proper communication with the deceased - one of the fundamental parts of eastern philosophy and culture. Getting in to a stranger - the appearance in a short time a friend or foe, depending on how it will meet - with the good or evil. To enter by force, without desire, as if some force is pushing - is the need to learn something new and unwillingness to do so; want to keep cozy, but have lost the motion state. The reason for refusal - depression, lack of confidence in their own strength, and so on. The driving force acting - it's own instinct for life - movement, then I have a creative component of a person as an individual. Even if the dream of a real image of you pulling the collar / push a man, he is still the dreamer will be angry at himself, at his own weakness. Sleep can be considered favorable: the desire of the movement is still valid, but much depends on the behavior of reality. Leave-there will be more of the same in all versions of interpretations, but the situation can not be opened and closed, and a new. If someone left the cluttered room, with a high probability it will correct their mistakes and reality.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person sees himself in a dream which came into the room where his clothes were wet, - it is bad, it is a battle.

Freud’s dream book

The process of entering a symbol of the sexual act.


Because of the symbolism of moving from the external to an inner enclosed space, an entrance signifies the Eternal Feminine. It can also symbolize a new beginning. When we need to be in touch with the hidden side of ourselves, the intuitive or more 'knowing' side, and have the knowledge and ability to experience ourselves in new ways, we will often dream of a secret entrance, usually opening inwards. An entrance in a dream has the same significance as a door, representing a new area of experience, or the new experience itself. Such a dream often signifies the need to make changes, to create new opportunities, perhaps to explore the unknown. The entrance, often a door, gate or similar, will often open outwards. You might also consult the entries for Door and Gate.