Dream » E » Envy

The interpretation of the dream «Envy»

Jealous of someone in a dream - to consider themselves superior to all the people around.

Miller’s dream book

Had a dream about your jealousy of other people - a dream of this kind of reports that you will achieve the sympathy of his new companions because the courteous and friendly. If someone is jealous of you, in reality may cause misunderstandings with friends who take your problems are too close to the heart.

Hasse’s dream book

To feed – with effort to achieve the objectives; to undergo – to be in wellbeing.

Longo’s dream book

Envying someone in a dream, surely it is a nasty feeling visits you in real life. You are well aware of how bad it is, but nothing about it can not. One of them would make you a sense of reality as to be immediately relevant is the dream which responds headache and depressed mood. Envy dream pet - a dream means that you are inconvenienced by your human nature, and if it were possible, you would be happy to become a bird fluttering in a light-hearted or lazy cat. Without a doubt, your favorite cartoon - about two Losers, which turned into sparrows. You do not attach much importance to the fact that the boys in the new shell, too, had a hard. We can assume the cause of your condition - in real life you probably a loser who has nothing is impossible, for whatever he undertook. And the reason is most likely that you are trying to do the very beginning of the wrong business. Take care of what you are truly interested and that you really know how to do. If you dream envy you, in real life, you're lucky, that everything works without much hassle and effort. But beware - this is not so easy to just give, and so one day luck will end, and you have to really work.


To dream that you are envious of others, signifies that you will make warm friends by your unselfish deference to the wishes of others.

To dream that you are being envied by others, denotes inconveniences from friends who are overanxious to please you.

Freud’s dream book

To dream of envying someone his possessions foretells good fortune. To envy his or her good looks is prophetic of marriage in which ill temper will mar the happiness of both parties.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If in a dream you envy is a sign of that you are desired everywhere and loved by many and if you have a rival, it should recede aside soon.

Dream book of Health

To test envy in the repeating dreams – to a serious illness up to oncological; To Undergo envy – to a malefice and damage.

East female dream book

You test envy to other people? Means, you will deserve respect of people around the goodwill. If dreamed that envy you, be afraid of flattering and obsequious speeches.

Erotic dream book of Danilova

If in a dream something caused your envy, be ready to that you should worry some unpleasant minutes (or days) soon when you learn that your best friend will try to beat off your darling, most likely, at it it will turn out. You learn about change of close people from a reliable source or will witness their intimate meeting.

Miller’s dream book

To envy in a dream to another – foretells that you will manage to win the courtesy and goodwill an arrangement of new friends.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you test envy to other people, in reality you deserve respect of people around the goodwill. If dreamed you that you are envied, in real life you should be afraid of flattery and servility.

New family dream book

If in a dream you envied someone – in reality will manage to win the goodwill an arrangement of new friends. Dreamed that someone envies you, – misunderstanding with friends are possible.


Feeling envy or jealousy can represent actual envy or jealousy regarding something in your real life, past or present. Consider how you can better support yourself to make your life more the way you want it to be. Time to acknowledge your feelings and express them in a safe, healthy way. (Try journaling.)