Dream » H » Hairstyle

The interpretation of the dream «Hairstyle»

Do yourself a haircut in a dream foretells that you are in fact well provernetsya not quite legitimate financial transaction and everything will remain hush-hush. Doing her hair in a barber shop - a dream from which can be ill or head on it would be some sort of bump or wound.

Beautiful, expertly done hair style, which all come from the indescribable delight, - the dream portends great satisfaction and joy that can be delivered to people close. Terrible, sloppy and hastily made hairstyle means that in reality you will have to give up some opportunities that promise tangible benefits from the fact that considered it my sacred duty to always be in the family.

Miller’s dream book

Brush the hair in a dream - a dream predicts that soon your sick friend. Another value - loss of property and the termination of old friendships.

Hasse’s dream book

Doing her hair in a dream - then you begin a new life. The family event will occur, which can be called a real revolution.

Esoteric Dream Book

Beautiful, exotic — there will be fans (fans), passionate about your manifestations. Old-fashioned - "old love" comes back to you. Ugly - for you will be hard to look after those who are least like you.

D. Hair.

For a young woman's dream in which she does a magnificent hairstyle, means that its thoughtless behavior will cause her a lot of trouble.

If you dream that your hair is thoroughly cleaned in her hair, it may mean that you expect good luck.

A dream in which a young woman dyes her hair a different color, means that its good name around the envious disband terrible gossip.

If you dream young woman combing her beautiful well-groomed hair, then in reality it does not emphasize his personal life.

If a man dreams that he begins to go bald, it warns him of extravagance, which can lead to serious financial problems.

If you dream that you cut short, be prepared to financial problems because of your profligacy.

If you dream that your hair adorned with flowers, you will not get away. However, they will be much less severe than initially seemed.

Feel in a dream that your hair is blowing in the wind, meaning that you have to be less frivolous.

Visit the barber in a dream - to some kind of scandalous stories, which can hurt your reputation. For men, this will involve a femme fatale.

Ancient French dream book

Brush the hair in a dream - reality will live in prosperity, good health, in cases you will have a full order.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli dark hair, as soon as you meet someone who will protect you. To not pass this person for a week, bind right wrist before leaving the house a black woolen thread. ZnachenieEsli bad hair blond, pretty soon you fail ignorance. To avoid this situation, wear for a week in the left pocket a small glass bead.


Especially women often dream. Evidence of dissatisfaction with themselves, their appearance, the desire to radically change something in life. The unusual hairstyle, even fantastic - you can become an object of ridicule.