Dream » H » Hedgehog

Dream «Hedgehog»

Hedgehog — a reflection of the distorted perception, based on outdated stereotypes.

Feeding a hedgehog or he eats - the need to pursue the case.

Miller’s dream book

To dream urchin foretells that in spite of the dangerous link. You will find a huge success in life. Take a dream hedgehog on hand means that you have to communicate with the bad man. Can a family quarrel. If you dream that you are holding a hedgehog in hands and feel it is not pricked, then you have the wrong idea about your new acquaintance. If the hedgehog is pricked, then your inner circle is a man who builds intrigues against you. If you had a hedgehog curled up, then you will try to get away from problems push. Son says that the best thing started to finish.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Nuisance; envy.

Esoteric Dream Book

By the injections from relatives.

Hasse’s dream book

Permanent envy.

Modern dream book

Dreams in which you dreamed hedgehog, portend a resounding success in all your endeavors.

If you have dreamed a hedgehog, who was killed by someone, then there will be no trouble for you to have a negative impact. If you dream hedgehog toward you, soon you will be an important conversation you can have a good time and relax with friends or relatives.

I try to hide from you the hedgehog dreams rise to the need to be extremely careful and patient.

Dreams on Wednesday predicting that you need to exercise maximum patience and diligence, otherwise overwhelm you gossip. Sleep may also indicate a favorable sentence from which you can not and must not give up. It should be noted that the island of Madagascar for the soldiers there was a taboo: they do not dare to eat hedgehogs. It was believed that if a warrior eat a hedgehog, then it will acquire the habit of hiding from the enemy, curling up into a ball.

If you dream that the hedgehog is in your hands, but his needle prick you, then chances are your new friend is not the man for whom she claims. Thoroughly inspect it carefully again: it seems his dignity you obviously embellished.

Piercing needles hedgehog dreams rise to gossip about your name. Do not worry, since false rumors will not harm your image.

A dream in which you see a hedgehog lap up of plates or cups milk, suggests that contacts with unsympathetic man you can not be avoided.

Freud’s dream book

If you had a hedgehog, you know that it symbolizes your being. Any manifestation of attention to his person you perceive with distrust and apprehension, knowing is always the worst, and therefore always expose thorn defense. And to blame for the fact that you once had the temerity to trust the person who took advantage of your kindness and naivety. The intimate terms you are timid and unsure are afraid once again take the initiative and always closed, if the person claims to be something immeasurably greater or different. In general, sex with you is unlikely to pleasure your partner, and you yourself.

Dream book of the Maya

ZnachenieEsli you had a good running hedgehog, in the near future you will in no danger - no sickness, no bandits, no enemies. To this time lasted as long as possible, three times the clock scroll arrows in the opposite direction. ZnachenieEsli bad you had a hedgehog curled up into a ball, and soon on you may be attacked by bandits. To protect yourself from them for a week carry a dead tooth cats.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Hedgehog in a dream to see - row / serious damage to even a small injury / doubts vernostiPlanov or teaching, which adheres to the meeting with a stranger, you are not familiar with wisdom, a great concern of small causes. Hedgehog in the hands to hold - someone's rig. Prick hedgehog - with someone quarrel / make sure of its path, its plans.

Aesop’s dream book

This woodsman symbolizes caution inaccessibility, sudden pain, protection. In folk tales hedgehog represents independence, thrifty. He's smart and rastoropen, with its fabulous heroine needle stitched magic flying carpet. Hedgehog is ready to repel any enemy. He is brave, tough, clever. About evil and cruel man, who received a fitting rebuff to say, "I was looking for a knife, but ran into a hedgehog". A dream in which you find in the forest hedgehog - means that you can count on the protection of a strong and powerful man. To dream a little ezhonka - a sign that you should be careful, your enemies will try to do everything possible to prevent the implementation of your plans. If you dream you are breeding hedgehogs - which means that in reality you aspire to independence and did not want anyone to obey. A dream in which a hedgehog stabbed you with needles - means that the person with whom you want to establish a relationship is unlikely to want to maintain the friendship with you. To dream of a house in which a lot of urchins - a sign that you will find yourself in a very unpleasant situation and get out of it you will be very difficult. To dream, you feed off your hands urchin - a sign that your courage and endurance will help you avoid a lot of trouble. If you see a hedgehog in his sleep without thorns - in reality you will have to prove that you're not as helpless as they seem. A dream in which you see a hedgehog fighting with a snake - which means that some of the closest people to come to your aid in time of need. Hedgehog eating a mouse - symbolizing your state of mind. In reality you are trying to deal with their weaknesses and shortcomings. If you dream you have come to the hedgehog and felt a lot of pain - this means that in reality you will need to revise their views of life and try to change something. To dream of a dead hedgehog - it's a sign that you need help. A dream in which you can see how your body up echinoid spines - indicates that you are able to stand up for yourself and always be able to resist the abuser. They are said, "He had grown a beard Ezhova". To dream urchin with soft spines - means that you are surrounded by insincere people who are using you. To dream is to have attacked a hedgehog - a bad sign. This dream means that you will get a nasty situation for you and next to you will not a man who would stretch you a helping hand.

Lunar Dream Book

Hedgehog — a nuisance.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Hedgehog in a dream vision - the heralds of human evil and cunning enemy.

Kopalinskogo Dream Book

See urchin — to fight, trouble, difficulties.

Solomon’s dream book

Hedgehog — envious friend.

Old Russian Dream Book


By injections of intimate.

Constant envy.

See the hedgehog - to fight, to the efforts, difficulties.

Son says that the initiative is best to complete.

See - despite the dangerous liaisons, you will find a huge success in life;

Get your hands on - Connect with your bad man, can a family quarrel;

Keep a hedgehog in your hands and feel like he is pricked - you have a misconception about your new acquaintance;

Prickly hedgehog — in your inner circle is a man who builds machinations against you;

Curling up - you will try to get away from the problems push.


To trouble.

The trouble, strife; handle - picaresque case.

Envious friend.

As the dream of a hedgehog, it will be pointed out by someone, talk ezhistye - dispute.


To see a hedgehog in your dream, suggests that you are being overly sensitive. You tend to take everything too personally. Alternatively, it refers to losing your soul.


See urchin - to fight, trouble, difficulties.

Henry Rommel

Dream hedgehog — in reality to meet with sarcastic man, cunning foe.Keep hedgehog in hand - to some trickery, intrigue, chey- then envy.But if you do not have prickles hedgehog hurt, if not a hedgehog rolled into a ball, you might expectmeeting with a friend, and your negative opinion of someone - a mistake.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Constant envy, meeting with an old friend.

Ukrainian Dream Book

As the dream of a hedgehog, it will be from someone sharp barbed conversations - dispute.


The hedgehog is known for reacting to threats by rolling up into a ball with only its spines pointing outward. Self-protection or effective personal boundaries. Abrasiveness or using negativity to distance oneself from others. Dreaming of this animal can represent:

Having too much of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being less this way

Not having enough of one of these qualities, or that you could benefit by being more like this

Someone or something in your real life with whom you associate one of these qualities (an event, situation, threat, etc.)

For more clues, pay attention to what the animal was doing or any particular characteristic that stood out.