Dream » H » Height

The interpretation of the dream «Height»

View from a height - to strive for the goals that you will achieve your perseverance and hard.

Esoteric Dream Book

By adjustment people can be treated differently. Someone she attracts, beckoning to the mountains, the sky and dream of giving birth to the wings and flying. If you fall into this category of people, the dream of the height reflects your inner sense of lack of freedom, which may be present in you, even against the background of quite affluent life circumstances. Appeared in a dream somewhere very high - so in reality will try to do something that would change your life: to change the environment, labor and t. However, the dream tells you that you need to change in the first place its attitude to the world, people and events.

If you are one of those who scares height, the dream with the story says about your pessimism, if you have a problem paralyze. Soon your life will come a time when you really have to take a new height, as if you do not feared, so get ready with the spirit.

Longo’s dream book

Were in a dream high - it says your over-ambitious plans; Unfortunately, your options as long as they do not meet the. Were there not alone - the dream suggests that your ambition is warmed people who do not want you to actually good.

Falling from a height - a dream for trouble or a sudden outbreak of disease; seen falling another - the value applies to him or someone close to you; plans after this dream will not be realized.

Raised in height (no matter how) - a dream for the growth of material well-being; saw how it was done by someone else - you have to envy another's successes.


To be on big V. and to be afraid of it - make the actions, wrong from the point of view of the law; not to be afraid - the way to career is open.


Solar symbol of all the gods of the sun, the midday sun, spiritual, ascension, inspiration, liberation from the bonds, victory, pride, contemplation, apotheosis, a royal origin, power, strength, height, the element of air. It was believed that the eagle can fly to the sun and without blinking, look at it and connect to it. In this regard, the eagle symbolized the spiritual principle in man that is able to soar to the heavens. Double-headed eagles are the attributes of the twin gods can mean double the power and omniscience. The rivalry between the eagle and the bull or an eagle and a lion, which always wins eagle, represents the triumph of the spirit and the intellect over the carnal nature. The conflict between an eagle and a snake, or an eagle with a snake in its talons displays the winning spirit. In this battle, the eagle represents the forces of good, and a snake - the forces of evil and the chthonic. In addition, the eagle is light unrevealed, while snakes - unrevealed darkness. Together they make up the cosmic whole, totality, the connection between spirit and matter. Eagle, crowned by a column - the emblem of all the gods of the sun in their incarnation sol invictus, the winners of Darkness. In alchemy, the eagle soars skyward - is liberated spiritual part of first-matter, prima materia. Double Eagle depicts an androgynous mercury. Crowned Eagle and the Lion - the wind and the earth, mercury, sulfur, volatile and frozen start. At American Indian headdress with eagle feathers is Thunderbird, the spirit world. Eagle - is a revelation and the intermediary between heaven and earth and, in addition, the symbol of the day. In some cases, white eagle symbolizes a man, a woman and the brown-. In Australian Aboriginal eagle or falcon equal to the gods. In the Aztec Eagle is the power of heaven, shining heavens, the rising sun, a snake devouring darkness. In Buddhism, the eagle - a bird which flies Buddha. Attribute Amoghasiddhi. The Celts eagle is associated with healing waters. In China, the eagle is the sun, yang, power, warrior, courage, tenacity, sharp vision, courage. Eagle and Raven are associated with the gods of war. In Christianity, the eagle - the spirit, ascension, inspiration, spiritual effort, the Last Judgment when he will throw the damned away from the nest, update youth Psalms 103:5. Staring without blinking at the sun, it represents Christ, staring eyes of the Glory of God, bringing her brood to the Sun, it is - the Christ, It transports the soul to the Lord, dropping a stone in the fishes in the sea, the Christ, the salvation of the soul from the ocean of sins. It was believed that the eagle renews its plumage, flying toward the sun and then rushing to the sea, so it represents the resurrection and new life after baptism, the soul renewed grace. He is also the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, and therefore his image is portrayed on the lectern. Eagle holding a snake in its talons, represents the victory over sin. One of the four beasts of the Apocalypse. In tetramorfe is St. John the Evangelist. The Egyptians eagle - a solar symbol, the son of Horus. The Greeks means sun, spiritual power, kingship, victory and success. Attribute of Zeus and as a carrier of his lightning is sometimes depicted with a zipper in the claws. Originally the emblem of Pan, who gave it to Zeus. The funeral emblem of Ganymede. Ganymede watering eagle symbolizes the overcoming of death. According to Homer, the eagle with a snake in its claws, - the symbol of victory. The Jews symbolizes renewal, east. In Hinduism, the eagle - Solar bird Garuda, which flies Vishnu; emblem of Indra. It is a bird of the Aryans-petrel. In Mithraism eagle and falcon are the attributes of the solar Mithras. In the tradition of the Roman eagle - Solar storms bird wearing a zipper Jupiter. Embodies the emperor, dignity, victory, favor, speed of response. Holding in Jupiter's lightning claws. Symbol and deystvuyuyuschee face deification after death. In Norse mythology, the eagle - the emblem of Odin Woden. In Sumerian-Semitic tradition symbol of the midday sun, the attribute or Ningvisu Ninurta, the Sun God blessed Canaan and Babylon; emblem of the Assyrian god Ashur, the god of storms, lightning and fertility. The double-headed eagle symbolizes Nirgal, the sizzling heat of the midday sun and Summers. In fact, a similar importance in Hitt, meaning solar power and omniscience; holds in its claws or lunar rabbit or a snake. Marduk is often depicted as an eagle.

Indian shaman dream book

If in a dream you stand on height and feel fear that can fall – close relatives are threatened by serious danger (associations with feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty at loss of relatives). The dream demands from the person to protect family members from danger.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To see itself being somewhere it is high — to a serious illness.