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The interpretation of the dream «Lamp»

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Lighted lamp or light to see - a happy time, a bright living / joy or joyful surprise. Light the lamp, lamp - another joy to cook / you who - love it. Unsuccessfully to rock hard - to suffer from someone's coldness. Dark Light - shock / insult from someone. Extinguish the lamp - someone intentionally or unintentionally hurt / sadness. Nightlight to beat - harm. All kinds of lights and lanterns - your desires and whims of lust.


Spiritually the lamp can suggest the idea of a personal guiding ?light in darkness?. The hermit in the Tarot demonstrates this in his protectiveness of the light and his need to be able to move forward despite the darkness around him. The lamp can also signify the light of the Divine and immortality. The lamp in dreams often signifies guidance and wisdom. If it is an old-fashioned lantern, it can also represent previously held beliefs, which may need to be updated. In dreams a lamp or a light can represent life. To be moving towards a lamp suggests a clarity of perception, which may be slightly old-fashioned. The lamp in its most practical aspect in dreams signifies the intellect and perception. You might like to consult the entries for Candle and Light.

Miller’s dream book

To see lamps filled with oil, denotes the demonstration of business activity, from which you will receive gratifying results. Empty lamps, represent depression and despondency. To see lighted lamps burning with a clear flame, indicates merited rise in fortune and domestic bliss. If they give out a dull, misty radiance, you will have jealousy and envy, coupled with suspicion, to combat, in which you will be much pleased to find the right person to attack. To drop a lighted lamp, your plans and hopes will abruptly turn into failure. If it explodes, former friends will unite with enemies in damaging your interests. Broken lamps, indicate the death of relatives or friends. To light a lamp, denotes that you will soon make a change in your affairs, which will lead to profit. To carry a lamp, portends that you will be independent and self-sustaining, preferring your own convictions above others. If the light fails, you will meet with unfortunate conclusions, and perhaps the death of friends or relatives. If you are much affrighted, and throw a bewildering light from your window, enemies will ensnare you with professions of friendship and interest in your achievements. To ignite your apparel from a lamp, you will sustain humiliation from sources from which you expected encouragement and sympathy, and your business will not be fraught with much good.

Nostradamus’s dream book

It matters not whether your dream lamp is gas, oil, or whatever but if it is lit and you are carrying it then you are assured of much prestige and success in your business dealings. If a lamp explodes in your dream then will your friends become your enemies through some thoughtless action on your part. The act of lighting the lamp presages an unexpected bounty or reward for you. If your lamp throws a dim light then you will have an illness or hear of a friend or relative with one. A broken lamp signifies much bad luck and must be taken as a major part of the rest of the dream in order to find out the misfortune you must try to avert.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Lamp (street) — shining - success.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Lamp – a symbol of your internal light. Let it will begin to shine on a polnuyusila! (see also Light)

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Internal light.

East female dream book

The dream in which you try to light a small lamp to arrival of the elect, promises you a successful marriage.


Additional resources are necessary to execute the conceived.

Schiller School student’s dream book

Successful achievement of the planned purpose.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Secret love. A silver lamp – an old age.

Esoteric Dream Book

Good luck. Kindle - a new home. Buy - for a celebration, holiday.


Good luck. Kindle - a new home. Buy - for a celebration, holiday.

Henry Rommel

Included a floor lamp in a cozy corner to relax dream to joyless pastime alone.