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The interpretation of the dream «Moon»

Hasse’s dream book

The moon represents the feminine and the spiritual self. How the moon appears to you in your dream suggests how close or distant you are from your inner feelings. For example, seeing a full moon means that you are closely in touch with your instincts and inner emotions.


The Great Mother, the darker, unknown side of Self, is symbolized by the moon. It is also symbolic of the unapproachable feminine. It has always been known that the moon has a psychological effect on the human being. In Pagan times, it was suggested that she ruled men's emotions and guarded women's intuition. Even today, that symbolism still stands. Moonlight in dreams signifies romanticism and in some cases entry into a different dimension of being. The moon has always represented the emotional and feminine self. It is the intuition, the psychic, love and romance. To dream of the moon, therefore, is to be in touch with the side of ourselves that is dark and mysterious. Often in dreams the moon can also represent our mother or the relationship with her. When the moon appears in a man's dream he either has to come to terms with his own intuitive side or with his fear of women. In a woman's dream the moon usually indicates her inter-relationships with other women through their collective intuition. You might also like to consult the entry for Planets.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of seeing the moon with the aspect of the heavens remaining normal, prognosticates success in love and business affairs. A weird and uncanny moon, denotes unpropitious lovemaking, domestic infelicities and disappointing enterprises of a business character. The moon in eclipse, denotes that contagion will ravage your community. To see the new moon, denotes an increase in wealth and congenial partners in marriage. For a young woman to dream that she appeals to the moon to know her fate, denotes that she will soon be rewarded with marriage to the one of her choice. If she sees two moons, she will lose her lover by being mercenary. If she sees the moon grow dim, she will let the supreme happiness of her life slip for want of womanly tact. To see a blood red moon, indicates war and strife, and she will see her lover march away in defence of his country.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To see a normal moon in a normal sky resplendent with stars denotes that you will have success with love or money but if the moon is peculiar or weird then you will meet with many disappointments and a cheating spouse. If you see a moon in eclipse then you will hear of a friend with a contagious disease.

Dream book of lovers

If you had a full moon, you will bypass success and a happy love. Son of a young moon heralds secured and practically perfect marriage. If you dream you see the moon unusual color, you have little to temper his zeal and sharpness, otherwise spugnete his lover, and he will leave you.

Esoteric Dream Book

Your desires run, especially if you dream of something dreamed of.


Your desire to run, especially if you dream of something dreamed of.

Henry Rommel

Beautiful full moon marks a success in love, success in business, a pleasant surprise, but it could mean sometimes danger, loss, some big changes.New moon, the moon in the first quarter - a matchmaker, a happy marriage, reasonable travel, well-being.Waning moon is disappointing that what you previously believed.Moon with clouds - for an early marriage; for family - for the birth of children.Red, Bad Moon, the moon in misty haze - unfortunately, to illness of someone from colleagues or home.Lunar eclipse - a sign of epidemics and monetary losses.If young woman sees two moons, she will lose her beloved because of commercialism.To dream of the moon reflected in the water - in reality to know that in your case involves some big powers, important people.

Islamic dream interpretation

To see a month - is the king or the vizier of the king or a great scientist, or a humble servant, or deceitful person or a beautiful woman. If one sees in a dream that the next month fell to the ground, the people of the land will benefit from the king's vizier. If one sees in a dream the dark month, the king's vizier suffer any nuisance. If someone sees a month at the lap (in the arms), then he will get a beautiful wife from a noble family, but if a woman sees that month fell to her bosom, then her husband will reach a high position. If the husband she has not, then someone in a high position, married her.

Loff’s dream book

At the level of the archetype of the moon is often associated with the image of women. In many cultures and religious currents moon identical figure of the mother. This is true for the literature and beliefs of the peoples of North America, Africa, Eastern Christianity, with the presence of the moon Dream intuitively suggests the idea of ​​a woman's pregnancy from your inner circle. Son of the moon can also be associated with the events of the twentieth century. Namely, it may be inspired by the desire for space travel. Such dreams can be generated as a desire to fly into space, and the desire for spiritual growth, a complete separation anxiety and storms of life on Earth. Moon may be associated with mystery and magic.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a full moon - portends success in love and luck in business. The mysterious and supernaturally large moon is unfavorable affair, domestic troubles and frustration of business character. Lunar eclipse portends contagious epidemic disease, which will hit your environment. See young moon - is the well-being in the future - a congenial partner in marriage. If a young woman dreams that she is drawn to the moon to learn their fate - it heralds a long-awaited gift to her fate: married with a decent chosen. If she sees two moons - it will lose the love of his commercialism. If she sees that the moon is obscured - this means that the highest point of his own happiness, it will show the absence of the female cycle. See blood-red moon - portends war and discord: she sees her lover went to the front to defend his country.

Nostradamus’s dream book

The moon — a symbol of the secret power of silence surprises. To dream full moon - a harbinger of what will come a time when the world will reign dark forces: the time of witches and sorcerers. Dreamer prophesies a dream meeting with the sorcerer, which will have a significant impact on his fate. Flocked to the moon in a dream - the dream says about your desire for something new, hitherto unexplored. Perhaps this dream predicts that in the not too distant time, the space will be mastered so that the space mission to the moon will be common and accessible to all who live on earth. A dream in which you see the moon, painted in bright red or purple color, a warning. Possible environmental disaster and war. The dark spots on the moon are warning may also mean a change of government. If you dream you see the moonlight - it means that in reality you encounter an unexpected obstacle, which will be eliminated is difficult. To dream of the moon reflected in the water or a mirror - is an unexpected turn of events. To dream split the moon - to experience mental fatigue and difficulty in choosing their way of life. If you dream you do the ritual worship of the goddess of the moon, then in reality, you will become a victim of his passion.

Russian Dream Book

Love hobby.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

See — love interest; when the sun - to get acquainted with a pretty girl; clear - happiness; in the darkness - of lovers; falling from the sky - a lucky break; Last quarter - infidelity; increasing - the death of a prominent dignitary.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

New - large profit; full - risk, major changes; for girls - courtship; water - large forces involved.

Dream book of Vanga

To see the full moon in a dream - a bad sign. This dream foretells that soon the earth waiting for the bad times. On our planet descend forces of Satan: witches, warlocks, who seized power and make life unbearable in the world. If you had a bright red or purple moon, then in the near future, the world is threatening an ecological disaster that will take hundreds of lives. Disaster strikes when people notice the bloody moon in the sky, because it will become a sad reminder of the harm caused to their nature. If you dream you see the moonlight, then this dream foretells an exciting journey to distant lands. The trip will be an unexpected and very pleasant. If you dreamed that you are flying to the moon, then the dream is a harbinger of space missions. In the future on many planets will be built station that people will be able to attend. Space missions become very commonplace and straightforward.


Nighttime or darkness (see night dream), a light (see light dream), intuition, creativity, inspiration, or femininity or feminine energy (yin).