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Dream «Mountains»

In the dream, you went up a steep rocky hill - it says that in reality your life will be burdened by hard work and plenty of reasons to be sad. All attempts to win for themselves a better fate will be defeated by unforeseen adverse circumstances. The chances are that you will never go up because of the disasters that befall on you. But if you have the patience to nurture in yourself and philosophical attitude to what is happening, then all will be able to overcome.

Loff’s dream book

Mountains — is the embodiment of the sacred land of greatness or danger. You may just happen to love the mountains, but because they appear in a dream. The mountains are able to instill in you a sense of the love of life, nature, give rise to a sense of revival.

In some cases, you're faced with the need to cross the ridge itself. That or your own choice, or you need to go because you were on the mountain due to a number of circumstances - linked, but not always clear. You have to remember with whom, going camping, you said goodbye, then decided to leave because they wanted to find in the mountains of your dreams.

For a long time mountain peak was seen as idiomatic illustrations of all the best that you can get from this life. Now you are looking for something? Do you feel that you can not achieve success in any field? Analyze possible, all you have reached the summit at least in some.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Tree-covered mountains portend infidelity; naked - alarm. Climb and reach the top - to success; down - a failure; see - to the complexities of.

Esoteric Dream Book

Saw a mountain - conceived a new project that will help. Climb - your path will be successful. Going down - a futile effort. Roll - a dream calls for special care.

Hasse’s dream book

See the mountains - get protection; walk through the mountains and move up - the complexities and barriers; forested - to change; with debris - to win; fire-breathing - to the great danger; with snowy tops - will be exalted thoughts; naked - to the dismay of; to be surrounded by mountains - zadeystvuete their abilities; rising to the top, to lose strength to climb further - hence, the situation will worsen your affairs.

Longo’s dream book

If you dream about climbing a steep hill, it is a dream to great difficulties. If you were raised with difficulty, all the while stumbling and pausing for breath, then resolving the problem will not happen immediately and you will temporarily remain at an impasse. If the ascent was easy, fast and very soon you will cope with the difficulties - it is possible that with the help of loved ones.

Immediately saw a lot of mountains - it can be considered a reflection of your life, filled with anxiety. The most annoying thing - is that you do not feel confident in yourself, and always in doubt and wait for the trick. It might be better to settle down and live without the obsessive fear in my heart.

If you saw someone walking through the mountains, then you'll have to make an important decision regarding your personal life. It will be very difficult for you. Maybe you feel hurt and attention deficit. But even if this is the case, then the decision should not be taken hastily, or later come to regret, but it is already done.

Dreamed of steep mountains, which is almost devoid of any kind of greens, - so, do you think that your attention is very important to others. But practice shows that they prefer to do without you, negotiating and resolving all issues between them. Son advises you to take more initiative and decisiveness. Maybe friends do not listen to your opinion just because simply do not expect you valuable advice? It costs you a couple of times to demonstrate good judgment and common sense - and all around are aware that you are a very good guide, and your opinion was ignored by all in vain.

If you dream you were falling from the mountain, you have to act dishonestly in respect of not too familiar to you the man who feeds you to the good feelings.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Penetrate into the mountains - good luck in everything; fall on the mountain - the loss of jobs; up the hill, to feel fear - the promotion of careers in the service; destruction and loss when climbing in the mountains - the evil and misfortune; go on a tour of.

High mountains — spring and summer - happiness; to live in the high mountains - a happy event; a walk in the mountains - financial profit, prosperity, good luck in the service; climb into the mountains, holding a subject - his wife will give birth to the son of a noble; farming in the mountains - sufficiency in the food and essentials; High mountains are moving into the valley - a disease; follow the slope covered ground - leave thoughts about illness.

Naked anxiety; wooded - infidelity; Climbing - success if vlezesh; see - difficulties; down - a failure.

See — get protection to walk on them and climb up - difficulties and obstacles forested - infidelity with debris - winning fire-breathing - a great danger to the mountains - to avoid ambushes with snowy peaks - motives are bare - alarm to be surrounded by mountains - to use his abilities to ascend and have the strength to go on - your company falls.

The mountains can symbolize the greatness of the danger, or the sacred land. You might just like being in the mountains, and for this reason you can see them in a dream. Mountains can instill in you a sense of love for nature, life and the feeling of rebirth. Sometimes you need to cross the ridge itself, whether by choice or because you were there as a result is not always clear chain of circumstances. You should remember to whom you are saying goodbye to the beginning of the campaign, why did you decide to leave and that he expects to meet in the mountains of your dreams. For a long time the top of the mountain was taken as an idiomatic picture of all the best that life has to offer. Whether you're in search of something or feel the impossibility of achieving success in any area of ​​real life, or in something you have reached the top?

Bare — alarm; wooded - infidelity; climb - a success if it appears at the top; down - a failure.

MOUNTAIN HIGH — toil; REACH THE TOP - overcome obstacles.

Dream of Mountains - a mountain, bad trouble. Bare mountains - anxiety, wooded-treason. As a dream that you climb a mountain, it proveschaet sadness; how you will get out of the mountain and go - it's good: a man got out of a bit of grief; and if you climb a mountain and you will get out - it'll be in misery: a mountain to climb - the difficulty is that you have to do, and how you will get out, it is already good; you climb the mountain, it must be a mountain, and as the tree - it's growing up; down from the mountains - failure. Stone on the road (trail) up the hill - obstacles. Forwarded to the mountain with the abyss - to an unhappy marriage.

Solomon’s dream book

MOUNTAIN HIGH — toil; REACH THE TOP - overcome obstacles.


To see mountains in your dream, signify many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it indicates that you have achieved and realized your goals. You have recognized your full potential. Alternatively, mountains denote a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth.

To dream that you are climbing a mountain, signifies your determination and ambition.

To dream that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. Or that you are being forced upward toward a direction that you do not want to go or that you are not ready to proceed. Falling off a mountain, could also mean that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.

Nostradamus’s dream book

A mountain dream is used by the subconscious mind to tell us that we have many obstacles to overcome and they will be large ones and almost insurmountable. This dream can be one of discouragement or encouragement, depending on the entire context of the dream and must be studied in that light.