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Dream «Salvation»

Salvation — the need for help. The need for assistance.

Loff’s dream book

The dreams of salvation you are the savior or someone who needs to be saved? If you are saving the other, it is possible that you see yourself as a hero, a parent or teacher. Who are these others, from what you save them and using what? Answers to these questions will give you an opportunity to understand the role to a certain system of relations do you see for yourself. If you save you, you may feel depressed or incompetent in a particular area of ​​real life. You would think that the consequences of any miscalculation can lead to fatal error. If your savior - familiar to you from real life person, it is necessary to ask his advice on the strategy of the struggle that you have to behave. Salvation is something expected and therefore did not cause any trouble (WAVE)? Have rescue, despite the obstacles; crowned whether it is success or failure?.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

You need to save. You feel like you can not cope with the circumstances of their lives. Do you think that your safety and the fate is in the hands of others. This view is typical for victims. Remember, there are no victims. There are only volunteers. Take responsibility for your life and everything that happens in it. If you are saving someone - it means you think someone needs help.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Do you feel that they are unable to control their own lives and that need to be saved? Do you feel that your safety and the fate is in the hands of others? This view is typical for victims. However, no casualties. There are only volunteers. On a deep level, you - the only one who can save himself. Take responsibility for your life and everything that happens in it. If you keep doing the salvation of others - you know, sometimes this pattern of behavior can lead to dysfunction. Check how your emotional needs are met while. If you feel dissatisfied, choose a different course of action.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — wood, fire, earth. Elements - wind, heat, humidity. Emotions - joy, anger, thoughtfulness. Organs - gall bladder, small intestine, stomach,. The Planets - Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. Sleep is a striking example of inverting the situation upside down. This is one of the archetypes of human thinking by type trickster-jester, that is, is an organization of sleep, when all should read the opposite: because interpreted as weakness, dark as the light, and so on. Thus, to save someone in a dream - a search by himself. The desire to save himself and frustrating. Active, vibrant events in a dream opposed to passive, expressionless fear behavior during the day, in situations involving Activity. Condition - overcoming, courage, independence, striving forward without looking back. Save someone in a dream / be rescued himself - proactive yang. Save someone in a dream without the emphasis on personality-son talks about the hidden and unreasonable ambitions to be higher, stronger others who can not do without such assistance. In fact, as already mentioned, the opposite is true: under the power of sleep - impotence in reality. The cultivation of the soul's own indispensability and generosity will result in an unpleasant sense of detachment from the dreamer and others, to their lack of confidence and self-restraint in a relationship that is perceived in reality completely turned inside: how ungrateful (for the salvation of the unreal) and falsity in relation to the dreamer (the state until the mania ). The result of the inside-view of the world will collapse in business and relationships. The result of a medical - on the basis of emotional ups alternating with depression, a disorder of digestive tract and gall bladder (pain in his right side, blurred vision and sleep, fatigue, nausea, vomiting). Save the dream of someone close and dear is in most cases the evolving around them unfavorable situation, the presence of evil purposive will close or illness. Option sleep is sent as a warning to this.


If you had a dream that you have managed to escape from some danger, be prepared for the fact that you theirs serious tests, but you honored them soak. A dream in which you are saving others means that you will achieve respect in the society due to the good you do for others.

Henry Rommel

If you are saved from any danger (flood, fire, war, just a drop, hypothermia and so on. n.)- avoid trouble or sacrifice something for others.If you have saved in a dream - reality relationship with rescues become more complicated.You have dearly for something to pay (rather moral losses than material).If you saved someone - in reality you for your kind reply ingratitude.

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