Dream » T » There is

The interpretation of the dream «There is»

See (or have) - a lot of honey, white rice, butter - much to the happiness and wealth.

Loff’s dream book

Speaking of food, the process of its adoption, then in my dreams it is quite eloquent story, and can serve as a simple reflection of the need or the laws of survival.

You got the food the usual way, or under some circumstances not entirely familiar? Remember, it is a familiar dish or something that you have not tried.

See how people eat near you - the dream reports of dissatisfaction with your needs relating to the financial or emotional problems. This can be attributed to the cases when you consider excessive appetites of others. Then determine who eats and why this celebration of life you are not present.

Does it matter in your sleep eating people. The grotesque gluttony - is evidence of the presence in your life sverhdostatka or reflection nature of the relationship with sitting at the table.

The food is absorbed by the present, in accordance with the rules of decency and a bit like a sacred ritual - the dream suggests that in some area of ​​life do you follow your inspirations, and Providence.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Watching others eat - the rise;

See the food - good;

The bread — the wealth.

Also see. Bread, Dining, concocting.

Minor troubles; watching others eat - the rise; see the food well; the bread - the wealth.

The process of eating symbolizes sexual intercourse.

The food alone symbolizes the lessons in self-satisfaction.

Food is a big company or in the restaurant speaks volumes about your desire to frequently change their partners.

The food business says about your desire to keep your partner.

Always points to the functional contribution of positivity and personality, contributing to its growth, as the principal element of the life of metabolism (metabolism) the person provides a rich and, therefore, the development of.

Pinprick; watching others eat - the rise; see the food - good; the bread - to wealth.

TASTY DISHES — to the delight of; Unappetizing dishes displeasure disease; SEE Kusha - an invitation; EAT OUTDOOR - instability of the position; To be invited to the table - good luck.

Esoteric Dream Book

There is an unknown food or trapeznichat with the dead - the death. There in the company of guests or friends - to disease. Seeing as they eat other - waiting luck. Had a dream about the food on the table or counter - will be a joy.

Hasse’s dream book

Yes (to eat) delicious food - will not have the disadvantages; dishes were tasteless - to the displeasure of the disease; seen taking food - to receive invitations; there in the fresh air - a sign of instability in one of the spheres of life; to be invited to a celebration - good luck; dishes were burnt - the bad news.

Ancient French dream book

There are all alone - to illness or poverty. The food in a large, noisy group means that your lot will be frivolous spending and actions.

Freud’s dream book

The abundance of food in the dream reports that your sexual appetite erupted with extreme rapidity. One look at a beautiful woman - and the physiological processes you already can not cope. Alas, rapid ejaculation - the problem of a large number of men, but she remedied. If dreamed little food, you will meet with frigid partner or with a partner (depending on your gender) having a weak potency.

Miller’s dream book

If you had a dream about food, the dream suggests that you are hurting their business, driving records, including the design major operations too casually. I dreamed that you were eating alone - is irrelevant to the loss, and if you were eating in a pleasant company, you will benefit, success in business. Dreamed that or daughter, or the waiter took away your food (especially if it is a dish of meat), you do not have time to eat up - hence, do not you dear people hurt you.

Solomon’s dream book

Delicious meals — to the delight of; tasteless - the displeasure of the disease; Kusha - an invitation; the fresh air - the instability of the situation; to be invited to the table - good luck.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

There are sweet - to violence.

There are ground or dust - to leave.