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The interpretation of the dream «Web»

Cobweb - confusion in all matters.

Freud’s dream book

Seen in a dream Wide Web - is evidence of the exhaustion of your relationship. In the first place it appears in your lovemaking: you do it reluctantly, lazily, as if you're being compelled to do so.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Web — a symbol of confusion, deceit, betrayal, many cases of meanness. To see the ceiling, completely cobwebby - a symbol of the disease, which is associated with severe headaches, the cause of which can not be established, which would complicate the diagnosis and search for a cure. To see a web of flying, which glistens in the sun - this symbol shows that the effect of sleep should be interpreted in relation to early autumn. Seeing the man who can not escape from the web, - evidence of the adoption of the law, which will complicate life for all, it has already begun to confuse the case and bring a lot of unhappiness. Seeing many people rejoice, outfit which resembles cobwebs - is a symbol of what will be possible to devise a light fabric that will replace any clothing the person and allow endure the vicissitudes of weather and climate. See Web, where eagle beating victim of tremendous spider - a symbol of the problems that overwhelm Russia. See web that stretched over the city and is becoming thicker, gradually closing the sun - means that Japan will start a lawsuit under section areas, but achieves only strained relations for a long time and the destruction of well-established connections.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Intrigue, trap, brush away the cobwebs - the charge against sleep.

Hasse’s dream book

See the web - fortunately, that would be very unstable.

Esoteric Dream Book

To see — light entertainment, small pleasures. Entangled in a web - you will destroy negative habits, you have time to get rid of them, until " Spider ".

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Do you feel that captured. Beware of the trap.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dreamed that you hit the web, someone cares about you. To the person you cared about longer find an abandoned spider web and wrap her hand (you can wash away the cobwebs only 3 hours! Poor znachenieEsli you dreamed that you weaves a web, so someone plotting against you intrigue. To intrigue failed, kindle a fire in the woods and jump through it 3 times.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Cobweb see — well-being. Color - the disease. Serge web - alarm. Tear the web - to overcome all obstacles. From it hard to get out - to feel connected related debt. Room with all the parties bound by a spider's web - a sense of the soul unclean and dirty way of life. Yard, cobwebby; forest covered in a giant spider web and - longing for the past, return to the country of memories. Tunnel or hole, cobwebby - something to do with the bodies of love.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of webs, foretells deceitful friends will work you loss and displeasure. If the web is non-elastic, you will remain firm in withstanding the attacks of the envious persons who are seeking to obtain favors from you.

Dream book of Health

See the web - fortunately; Collect web - for possible injuries, cuts, scratches.

Azar’s dream book

Cobweb — a disease; collect cobwebs - a pathetic hope.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To remove a web in the house means change of the dwelling.


The spider's web is the Cosmic Plan. It is within the ?web of life? that the divine powers have interwoven fate and time in order to create a reality in which we can exist. There is a belief that we are the spiritual entrapped within the physical and not able to ?escape? back to our own spiritual realm. When we dream of a web we are linking into one of the most basic of spiritual symbols. Interestingly in today's technological age it will also symbolize a network of communication as in the world wide web on the internet. In dreams this ?web? can stand for our own personal group of friends and acquaintances. In everyday life we may well be caught up in a situation that could trap us. We could be in a ?sticky? situation and not quite know which direction to move. This can result in the symbol of a web appearing in the dream. We are ?caught in the middle? or we are trapped. Because the situation is extremely complex we have no idea which way is going to be most advantageous for us. Consult the entry for Communication for further clarification.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Cobweb - carefully, likely trouble.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Web — a desolation symbol, sewage, occupations by black magic, a spiritual trap; to get under influence of sect.


To see P. - to the dirty, confused business. Foretells a possible disease of the central or peripheral nervous system, a problem in private life.

Old Russian Dream Book

Intrigues, trap.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Web. Trap of house life. The alarm which is also representing a trap and connecting the individual.

Freud’s dream book

To dream of cobwebs - the dream suggests that your relationship is outdated, and it shows in the first place, by the way, you engaged in love - reluctantly, lazily, as if you are someone makes.


Web dream promises you pleasant company and good fortune in the affairs. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about web

A dream in which you see the web, predicts pleasant acquaintances and good luck in high-risk commercial enterprises.

Henry Rommel

Dreamed spider — good luck in business, but only if you are energetic and hardworking.In Otherwise, the dream of a spider can mean missed opportunities: in fact, in friendship, in a happy coincidence.Spiders spinning webs - the welfare of the house, money, creeping along the wall - to fulfill secret desires.Kill the spider - a bad sign, symbol quarrels with loved ones, breakup, divorce.Spider bite - a betrayal.Many spiders on silk threads - the support of friends.Run away from a huge spider - lose hope of success, to kill him - defeat enemies, to occupy a worthy place in society.Web without the spider - intrigue, disease.Lovely gossamer Indian summer - loyalty to your friends.Breaking any cobwebs or move it - to refute the charges and suspicions in something a.

Miller’s dream book

Web dream promises you pleasant company and good fortune in the affairs.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

See — false happiness, to collect - pathetic hope.