Characteristics of Scorpio

This is the most secretive zodiac sign. Scorpios are very sensitive to all sorts of critical situations, sometimes it seems that they attract different incident. Representatives of this sign is fully reveal their talent is in emotionally stressful situations. They retain composure, patience, the ability to make unconventional decisions in cases when they feel a serious danger to themselves or the work that they are engaged in. Emotional involvement in the situation makes the Scorpions to take risks, to join the fight. If attention Scorpio something caught, he begins slowly but surely explore it. His interest reminds grip bull terrier. No circumstances, tips, warnings not to twist it with the chosen path. Sometimes it seems that the more terrible for him, the more interesting. Scorpio will leave the matter only when bring it to its logical conclusion. Perseverance and indomitable will to win makes others respect the representatives of this sign. Sometimes respect turns into fear, so & nbsp; how to achieve the goal Scorpio will not hesitate to unpopular measures. Talents of the sign clearly manifested in various research activities, be it science or criminology, or any kind of inspection activities. Many also implements a passion for the thrill of doing extreme sports or activities related to risk (rescuers, firefighters, surgeons, etc.). Scorpios tend to quickly find the main cause of a problem that is & laquo; weak link & raquo; in their environment, and making a lot of effort to deal with them. Their actions, they do not advertise. The fact that Scorpio intervened, surrounding, is usually judged by the result. In private life they prefer extreme. Doing so is not always consciously, however, their home is not always resembles a quiet corner where you can relax from the daily hustle and bustle. Rather, it's housing alchemist, which reflects the results of his experiments (successful and not). Support for loved ones important to them, on the other hand the care, custody, and often their own family responsibilities so straining them what they prefer to be alone
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