Element Scorpio - Water

Impermanence, emotion, rather acute sensitivity. Association with feelings, instinctive reaction to people based on minor inferences, events, subconsciously latched. You are better able to adapt than you think it. You may think that they are in a hopeless situation, but others see that you find your way through problems like water among the obstacles. You are very sensitive to the moods of others. If someone throws a stone in your pool, it can be covered with ripples for a few days. You can easily succumb mood swings. If someone has trouble, you sympathize with him. You feel great people, events, places. People even believe you abnormal or supernatural. You can not explain why, but your hunches are usually true. Scorpio - is ice, which is able to hide their intentions, desires to freeze, and when necessary, to thaw again. You should also choose partners of water or land - land of water needed as a receptacle. Water is not compatible with the fire, but can live with air, if not afraid of clouds and fog. Your advantages: sensitivity, attractiveness, sociability, kindness, peace, idealism, creative artistic nature, the ability to penetrate into the minds of others, patience. Common disadvantages: changeability of mood, irritability, evasiveness, rapid melodramatic character, pessimism, laziness, impracticality, spinelessness. Home: to live by the water: sea, lake, swimming pool in the garden or aquarium. Need quiet peaceful place to work. Avoid annoying people and noisy family, love good views (ideally with water). Your patron - Undine, a mermaid who likes open water, but can live in an aquarium
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