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Dream «Abroad»

Modern dream book

Dream in which you are in other country or are going to go there, means that soon pleasant travel in the interesting company is necessary to you.


Going or being abroad is all about new spiritual experiences. We are moving away from mundane earthly experiences, breaking new ground and transcending boundaries. If we are aware of the country we are in or travelling to, then there is a particular quality or character trait that may be developed in us. There is a psychological need to get away from, or leave, a situation. We are perhaps travelling towards something new. Our minds are more than capable of accepting new input and experience and will often do so on a subliminal level. We then become aware through dreams of what we have learnt, or what we have to do. To dream about being or going abroad gives us an understanding of our feelings towards the widening of our horizons, or making changes in our lives. Such dreams may also be connected with beliefs about the country in the dream (See Places). We are dreaming about personal freedom or the ability to move freely around our universe. Where the dreamer often travels in his or her workaday life, going abroad for a man may simply signify how he gets from A to B a logical progression. For a woman her issues may be about security and emotional commitment. Since the method of travel may be of significance, you may like to consult the entries for Aeroplane, Boat, Car, Journey and Transport.

Freud’s dream book

Going Abroad is a dream of excellent import. If you leave your own country on a ship or a train, the augury is of a trip in the near future with delightful companions.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are abroad, or going abroad, foretells that you will soon, in company with a party, make a pleasant trip, and you will find it necessary to absent yourself from your native country for a sojourn in a different climate.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To go abroad by ship indicates that you may make a very powerful and influential new friend very shortly. Dreams of being abroad in foreign lands is clear indications that you may be experiencing unsettled conditions and look for a possible change of location.

Esoteric Dream Book

See. countries or continents. In any case - to the changes trips.


To dream that you have gone abroad or are about to leave, it foretells that you will soon, together with the company to make a pleasant trip. May need to change the climate and encourage to see new places you for some time to part with his country. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about abroad

If you had a dream that you are in another country, then in reality you should be prepared for the fact that your competitors are building evil plans against you. A dream in which you are forced to leave their country, but you do not want to do that means that you will find yourself in a very difficult situation, but will be able to decent out of it. Rest and enjoy foreign charms can mean that you tend to trust your first impression is not always true because of what often makes a loss.

Henry Rommel

See yourself in a dream abroad, to observe around him unusual life - to the commission by you of a decisive, extraordinary things that surprised everyone, but will eventually be approved.You might expect the strange changes in the affairs or in its relations with some people.Often dream about foreign countries (going to go, leave, left) has an almost immediate value: a pleasant trip, trip, trip.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that You have gone abroad or are about to leave, it foretells that you will soon, together with the company to make a pleasant trip. Perhaps the need to change the climate and see new places will prompt you for a while to give up his country.

Tsvetkov’s dream book