Dream » A » Airport

Dream «Airport»

Airport — the need to rapidly start something new: business, company, travel (the ability of). The reflection of the desire of adventure and / or need (the ability of).

Tsvetkov’s dream book

If you dream you leave the airport, flying to the plane, it foretells you a life span of a host of new turbulent events and vivid impressions. Not all of them will be pleasant, but you can not show weakness and abandon old ideas.

Arrive at the airport (for departure or meeting someone) - sleep with the plot means that you will soon happen to be in the thick of some events of a public nature. If you dream you came nevovremya or never got to the airport, although you had to do it, then find yourself awake at some other people's celebration of life. It's better if you humble yourself and do not greatly upset: you have there is still a lot of good, you make up for all.

If you just saw from the airport, it alludes to the fact that some of your dreams too insubstantial. Go down to earth.

Esoteric Dream Book

Dreamed airport — is to meet new people, among whom may be foreigners.

Longo’s dream book

Dreamed airport serves the personification of your excessive "earthiness". You are paying too much importance to the material side of life, sacrificing the interests of his soul. Dream about the airport warned that continuing in the same vein, you will become a moral invalid.

East female dream book

When you see yourself at the airport, are going to depart or meet someone is a sign that business which you conceived, will turn out not at once and will force you to worry enough fairly. If you cannot leave the airport – without the aid of the influential person not to manage.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you appoint to someone appointment at the airport, you risk to delay with the important decision. If dreamed you that you meet someone from relatives at the airport, in reality you will hear unexpected news.


An airport, because of its transitory nature, is a place for new experiences. We are ready to consider our spiritual progression, to move into a new way of perceiving life and all it has to offer. It signifies the desire for freedom,

High ideals, ambition and hopes. Being delayed at an airport suggests that conditions are not yet right for what it is you wish to begin. We are being put in a position where our values may need to be reassessed in the light of our own or someone else is authority. In dreaming of an airport we are entering a stage of transition, making decisions to move into new areas of life. It may also indicate we are, or should be, making a fresh assessment of our own identity. Watching planes take off from an airport lounge suggests that we are - or fear - being left behind.

Nostradamus’s dream book

In a dream the sight of a busy airport represents the desire for freedom and/or travel as this is the jumping off point for all those who travel the world and it brings out your hidden desires to do the same. If the airport is empty and deserted your own travel plans will be changed or delayed.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The airport – a place departure to other cities and the countries. Whether time came to go to travel or to begin the new enterprise? Whether you wish to be let on search of adventures?


If you dream you assign someone a meeting at the airport, you run the risk of delay to an important decision. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about airport

If you dream you assign someone a meeting at the airport, you run the risk of delay to an important decision. If you had a dream that you meet at the airport someone from the family, then in reality you will hear the unexpected news.


The beginning or ending of a process or journey

A recent or expected trip

The idea of trying to "get somewhere," make progress, get ahead, or solve a problem

A specific public place in your real life with lots of people or social activity

A desire to get away, take a break, or escape from something—or a desire to go somewhere specific

For more clues, pay attention to the events that happen in the airport and how you feel about them.