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The interpretation of the dream «Ceiling»

Ceiling — a reflection of any limit.

Dream book of Vanga

Smooth, white and high ceiling - a sign of wealth and prosperity, tranquility and relaxing time. Consider a crack in the ceiling - the dream promises repentance and regret for an act committed on the eve of sleep, but made too late to correct. If you dream you think that the ceiling falls on you and is about to be crushed, it means that circumstances will arise for you in the best way, so worth the wait with important things.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dream that you are painting the ceiling, you will soon find your true love. To the feeling was mutual, before leaving the house to touch his lips to each jamb. ZnachenieEsli bad you had a dream that you walk on the ceiling, in the near future in your life, everything will fall on its head. To change was only pleasant place for a week in each room (in the corner) on boot.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

The ceiling fell upon ourselves, to see - then come under disfavor superiors and get reprimanded for something; make a new ceiling - an important means to acquire the favor of princes.


To see a ceiling in your dream, represents a mental or spiritual perspective. It may also symbolize the limit you have set for yourself.

Children's Dream Book

The ceiling — a ceiling designates that feeling which your soul has. If the ceiling low, dark, thus lighting in the room insufficient, it means that you are in a condition of depression and uncertainty in yourself and the forces. If the ceiling high and light, in particular, if it modelled, and in the room is a lot of light and air, it means that you are in the most optimistic mood and hope only for the best.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Ceiling — protection and restriction, a certain limit of opportunities (high or low), restriction of activity, free creative space. Hangs, collapses - danger; trouble. To punch or failed itself so that the clear sky - a victory, unique opportunities and prospects is visible.

Old Russian Dream Book


Ukrainian Dream Book

Ceiling – caution; falling of a ceiling – to death.


If you dream you are considering the ceiling and find in it any defects, in real life, you get support from whose existence you hardly thought of. You may receive an unexpected inheritance. If you had a you Beli or paint the ceiling, then in reality you got involved in some kind of adventure, as bitterly regret in the future. The dream, which in your mind everything turned upside down, and you see things standing on the ceiling it means that you have lost some guidelines and more I have not found the other. Perhaps because of this you feel on the verge of insanity.

Islamic dream interpretation

The ceiling — is a person of high rank. If someone sees that it fell to the ceiling, he drops some trouble on the person of great rank, or one of the important home return from the trip.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Ceiling — warning, drop ceiling - to death.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Leaking ceiling — about you, do not speak, someone to hurt you; repair leaking ceiling - to ensure that the poor talk about you stopped.


Something that seems over your head or unattainable

A lid or a cap

A limitation on how high you feel you can go or how much progress you feel you can make

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