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The interpretation of the dream «Chain»

Chain — there dependence on any person.

Freud’s dream book

To receive a present silver or gold chain - a dream tells you that you should stop, finally, to doubt the feelings of a loved one, he loves you and tries to prove it in every possible way. To see someone on the neck wide chain - you think too much about the intimate the lives of others. Most likely, the reason for such a little unhealthy interest lies in your too long abstinence, which, of course, could not but affect the psyche. Be on the alert, or your interest goes too far, and you will cease to be interested in their lives, priniknuv to the "keyhole" stranger. Losing someone donated a chain - you do not notice what is happening persistently behind your back.

Hasse’s dream book

You will find a true friend.

Esoteric Dream Book

People – inclusion in some common cause, like a community work day.

Modern dream book

If you dream you are giving your sweetheart a gold chain, in real life you have any doubts about her fidelity. However, all of your experiences in vain. If you had a dream that the chain that you wear around your neck, suddenly fell apart, then at you in danger of disease. Think about it, is not it time you change your lifestyle. For a young woman's dream in which she wears a chain of base metal, meaning that it will be a marriage of love, but she would have to endure need.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Faithful companion.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — wood, fire, earth, metal. Elements - wind, heat, humidity, dryness. Emotions - anger, joy, pensiveness, sadness. Organs - the liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach, heart, small intestine, large intestine, lungs. Explanation and interpretation of the chain - a symbol that some inner desire to merge in harmony with the outside of his incarnation: links of the chain - the steps to implementation. Each link and self-sufficient (closed), and at the same time aimlessly without regard to other. Chains are usually made of metal: it is a man-made from natural elements of a new substance, and hand-made sign - Conditioning sphere of human relations, and that spiritualize real character (string) desire for something. Chain - is burdened by negative emotions / aspirations of the chain when the target begins to justify the means, and the earth and the inert matter of yin-yang disharmonious inhibits Sky: chain prisoners, chains, etc.. What exactly symbolizes the chain of life, depends on the mutual desire and donor support. In the dream, there are certain stable value of the character. Chain in a dream to see / wear (give) the pursuit of external yang to some inner purpose - yin; chain - an ancient symbol and guarantee of achieving the objectives and consistency of relations in the movement - which lasts a living, evolving cycle. See the chain on itself (the same if someone in a dream to see) - usually wearable - continued commitment. Tarnished, broken chain to see (and dropped her look) - Aim / views are out of date / unattainable, are in opposition to the health / possible to illness. Smothers chain - a complete mismatch of aspirations and challenges a person, the danger. Give / get a nice chain - a character / friendship and desire the opportunity of gaining her awake, donate to your favorite chain - a very warm feeling. To give a dull chain, or it breaks the donation - insincerity (see. above) or an empty friendship without obligation. Material of chain: silver-propensity to intelligence and intelligent friendship; Gold-bias in the emotion and power; tree-purity and directness of personal relationships between people, the proximity of the senses to nature in a good way rooted in the ground. Chain wear / be constrained himself / see another in chains - the pursuit of goals enslaved and erased the concept of feasibility of achieving the result - inadequate assessment of the world, failure in business, in relationships, perhaps unnoticed suggestion of another's will or complete enslavement himself his own idea. All together - ill health and yang (vertical) and inskih (horizontal) meridian. With high probability reel of film of sleep will suffer distortion vertically and horizontally (the size disparity).

Dream book of Health

See the chain - your action will cause a chain effects; Wearing a chain - to manifestations of cervical degenerative disc disease.


In religious art bondage and slavery, dignity and unity are all symbolized by chains. The links in a chain suggest that we cannot exist in isolation. In dreams, we can become conscious of beliefs or mental attitudes - both in ourselves and others - which can create problems and hold us down. The links in a chain can very often symbolize the communication that we need to free ourselves. To dream of chains in any form indicates a type of restriction or dependency. Just as we need strength to break out of chains, this is also needed for chains which support. In becoming aware of what is holding us back, we also become appreciative of how to break free.

Esoteric Dream Book

With large units - your moral duty to prevent to live and hold down your movements. Tearing C. (shackles) - exempted from duties and annoying trouble. As decoration - a strong bond, strong bonds, rather pleasant, if Ts gold or precious stones, painful, or if Ts Dark rusty.


If you dream you are giving your sweetheart a gold chain, in real life you have any doubts about its loyalty. However, all of your experiences in vain. If you had a dream that the chain that you wear around your neck, suddenly fell apart, then on you in danger of illness. Think, is not it time you to change the way of life. For a young woman a dream in which she wears a chain of base metal, means that her marriage is love, but she will have to endure hardship.

Henry Rommel

Tangled in chains - have a lot of unfinished business; be in chains - to carry a heavy load of worries and responsibilities.However, this dream can mean a nice dependency of a loved one.Other people in chains - the failure and unhappiness for them.Silver chain - to the pleasant bustle; a gold chain around his neck - to faithfulness in friendship and love to wealth.Generally, the chain and the chain of expensive or precious metals - a marriage happy and rich.If the chain or chain tear or break, you will be free from something or someone, possibly from some commitments.

Islamic dream interpretation

And if anyone sees in his neck chain - he will get wife bad temper.

Kopalinskogo Dream Book

Patience, care.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Will find a true friend.

Ukrainian Dream Book

The chain of iron - for unmarried or widowed - a bad marriage, to family man - some obstacles, difficulties in business. Break the chain - to break a marriage, death. Gold chains - an unexpected wedding in the family.


A chain can represent limitations put in place by an authority or by you. Dreaming that you are chained up could mean:

You're feeling that someone is trying to control, limit, or deny you freedoms

You're feeling that you're limiting yourself, such as with too much self-discipline, narrow thinking, or limited beliefs

Something being chained shut, such as a gate, could represent:

Security or safety

A feeling of being denied access (such as to a person's feelings they don't want to share)

A recent situation where you felt like something was "off limits" to you

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