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Dream «Form»

Form — side income.

Loff’s dream book

A dream in which figures uniforms, in most cases, is a dream of self-awareness. The adequacy of the image, achieved through dress - is one of the unspoken rules of culture. These or other parts of our wardrobe is often perceived as "uniform" for the roles played by us in real life. In such dreams, it does not matter whether dreamed officially adopted uniforms or just a lot of people were dressed alike.

If you are dressed the same as other people, then you should think about who is next to you, what unites you. Maybe you've been brought memories of his time in the military service satisfaction, a job, or maybe you would like to identify themselves with a certain group.

A dream in which you were dressed in uniforms, and the people around you - there may be an indication that you think you are quite tolerant of others, and they are responsible are not enough high rating.

Here is what the 24-year-old boy about his dream. He enlisted in the Navy without undergoing preparation. Arriving on the ship, he realized that only one in uniform white color, while all around him were in the form of blue. The ship is all gone wrong, as it should go.

In real life he was a college student and thinking hard to get the title of a naval officer. It is very worried, but the final decision he delayed. It is not surprising that in the dream reflected his excitement; same dream and pointed out that the young man should approach the study of the situation in more detail.

Among other things, uniforms can act as a symbol of power. You should pay attention to the man dressed in uniforms. Remember, if discordant with its uniform shape or form it looked quite organically.

Esoteric Dream Book

See for yourself some form having decals and other items (a form of military, the seller, a particular firm, and t. ) - A dream suggests that your life takes place in accordance with the stereotypes, the laws that we inherited from Adam and Eve. You are required to take greater ownership in the judgments and attitudes. If you had a dream about a form that you have in real life, this can be considered as advice to find a new job.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Form (military) for women - the scandal with her husband or her lover was her fault.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Man gives an official form - will be appointed to the post of bureaucratic.

Handing someone an official form - you will have an appointment to the post.

Miller’s dream book

To see anything ill formed, denotes disappointment. To have a beautiful form, denotes favorable conditions to health and business.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Forms, figures — reflect a psychological state of the personality, original coincidence and mystical knowledge and influences.


To dream uniform means that in difficult times you can get help from influential friends. For a young woman a dream in which she wears a form means that her love will be reciprocated. If you had a people bizarre form, for unexplained reasons, you can lose a friend. Sleep where your relatives or friends walking in uniform, while having a joyless view, means that you have a period of separation and sadness.

Henry Rommel

Uniforms in his sleep - waking you have the appearance of friends occupying high social status.They will help to implement your plans.Uniform, dreamed woman - the scandal with her husband, the girl, who saw fit shortly meet a nice person, which in the future will make her happy.If for some reason she does not want to put on the form, in reality suffer from cursing and other troubles.See in the form of a loved one - a separation from him.People in unfamiliar uniforms - conflicts between friends or states.