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Dream «Guest»

Dream book of Vanga

In a dream this symbol means surprise, news, parting, the ill-wisher, expenses.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

The invited guests, which appeared in a dream, portend much ado about nothing, chores and visibility of useful flurry of activity; take uninvited guests - will quarrel for nothing.

Hasse’s dream book

On business – has to be very attentive; to be the guest – heavy expenses or separation from something lovely.

Longo’s dream book

If you dream you had guests in the house, the dream is reported that the level of your well-being will be higher. Remember how you had guests - happy or not. If so, then the improvement will come, even if you do not make a special effort - you just need to perform their duties. If guests are summoned to have a sense of dissatisfaction, some effort will have to achieve the desired. You will be working up a sweat, but will be worth powder and shot dressing: you will be able to achieve a really great deal.

See myself walking on a visit - it's a long trip, the success of which is in doubt; to constant anxiety. Encourage yourself to help all his inner strength and do not be afraid, because the situation is in your favor.

Unexpected guests visit, which took place in your dream - it is a reflection of your current state of. You do not know what to spend their strength, it seems that all is not worthy of your attention, but also a worthy lesson, you can not find. Try to work.

If in a dream saw off visitors, soon to part with my boyfriend at the behest of life circumstances. However, the separation will be short-lived as the situation becomes more favorable.

Modern dream book

If you receive guests in a dream, soon you receive any news. If dreamed you that to you unexpected guests came to the house, however you are glad to their emergence, in reality good luck will smile to you. If in a dream you do not know how to get off the annoying guest, in real life you were tired of those problems which were thrown to you by the villain destiny.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Be a guest - a disappointment, false hopes, separation from someone; hunger. Invite guests - meeting. Guests - cheerful news.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If in a dream to you someone from dead relatives on a visit came or friends, prepare to that soon you in life will have pleasant changes. Find a small stone, put on it a violet spot and carry as it is possible closer to heart within a week.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Cheerful guests — pleasure, boring - profit. They quarrel - gossips.

Aesop’s dream book

The guest is always associated with something unexpected and pleasant. For guests it is accepted to expose all the most tasty on a table. Roma welcomed guests lyrics: "Each guest is granted to us by god".

Miller’s dream book

D. Banquet, splinter, Invitation.


To see a guest in your dream, signifies new challenges and interests in your life. You are ready for an adventure.

To dream that you are a guest, denotes a circumstance or problem in your life that is temporary. Consider if you were being welcomed as a guest.

Azar’s dream book

The guest on business – be very careful and attentive


If you dream you are hosting, you will soon get some news. If you had a dream that you in the house came uninvited guests, but you are pleased with their appearance, then in reality you get lucky. If you dream you do not know how to get rid of annoying guest, in real life you are tired of the problems that have given you the villain, the fate.

Henry Rommel

The arrival of guests, welcome them into your home - to someone's anger, even hatred, envy in your address, to quarrels.Welcomes guests to her - to the grievances of the loved ones.Being at a party - to separation, unfaithfulness to one who has a dream.

Russian Dream Book

Failure, resentment, sadness, depression.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

The case — you have to be very careful, to be a guest - great expense or parting with something nice, guests see in your house - envy, anger.

Dream book of Vanga

In the dream this symbol means a surprise, the news, parting, detractors costs. A dream in which you prepare for the arrival of guests, waking heralds boring monotony of life. It is unlikely that in the near future you will be able to brighten up their lives. The appearance of an unexpected guest is news that you get from the detractors. To dream of yourself as a guest - a sign that in real life you are coming big cash costs. In the dream, you were expecting guests, but no one came - in real life, this dream promises you the separation from loved ones, or your loved one. A dream in which you came to visit strange blond woman is a serious illness or death. In the dream you are preparing for the arrival of guests. The knock on the door, but opened it, you were convinced that the mysterious visitor disappeared - it is a sign that in real life you do not need to fear the machinations of enemies. The circumstances will develop in such a way that their plans will be disclosed. Sitting at a party at an empty table is empty promises and betrayal. See at a party dead people foreshadows an unexpected twist of fate.