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Dream «Jelly»

Jelly — a reflection of "spinelessness".

Miller’s dream book

Dreamed that you poured the jelly into molds - this means that the head will leave the decision to the masses of various issues. In order to understand them and get to the finish, you will have a lot of time. There is a dream jelly - the dream suggests that you get a short-term pleasure. For women, there is the additional value - that's what it hopes will be in vain. Dreamed cooking jelly - is evidence of the fact that his own life you make it hard for yourself. All because of unnecessary and frivolous dating relationships you mindlessly crank. Uncured jelly dream to rapid resolution of problems that do not require your efforts.

Longo’s dream book

To prepare in a jelly dream – in life you very gentle person incapable on resistance. For this reason you are used by all who feel like it. Your non-failure operation and kindness promote that many love you and respect, but remember: when you the last time were at theater? And in the wood? Your days are beforehand painted with affairs which you "contracted" to make for the aid to friends and acquaintances. There is a jelly – you will go soon to travel where will get acquainted with interesting people. The chance to go will be given to you absolutely incidentally, you should not refuse it, motivating refusal with urgent and urgent matters.

Freud’s dream book

If to you dreamed jelly – it means that in real life you very gentle person who resignedly allows to operate himself. You besides are passive in a bed and never take the first step, expecting manifestation of an initiative from the partner. Similar passivity quickly becomes boring and sets the teeth on edge therefore your relations quickly collapse. So reflect on own weak will.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

See. "Jam".

East female dream book

There is a jelly is the prevention: avoid curve roads, the difficult and confused affairs now not for you. To the young woman the dream in which she prepares jelly, hints: she should make a choice between two admirers.

Culinary Dream Book

There are a dream jelly or just see it portends minor troubles, and most importantly - a sense of sadness, hopelessness.


To see or eat jelly in your dream, represents some suspicion or insight into a situation you are wondering about. The dream may be a metaphor for something that is finally taking shape. You have come to some understanding. Alternatively, it indicates that you are preserving or maintaining a sweet relationship.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you are making Jelly and enjoying the task you will shortly enjoy a visit with certain friends or relatives. if you do not enjoy the task of making jelly then you will find yourself quarreling with these people. To dream of eating jelly shows that you will have many pleasant surprises.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Jam is a sweet of your life. Whether you pay sufficient attention to enjoy life?

Modern dream book

If in a dream you eat jelly, in real life you should avoid curve roads. The difficult and confused affairs now not for you. If dreamed you that you dropped jelly and see how it shivers, in reality you will get to a situation in which it will be very difficult for you to orient and make only the right decision. For the young woman the dream in which she prepares jelly, means that she should make the choice for this or that admirer

Esoteric Dream Book

Drudgery, endless troubles.

Freud’s dream book

If you had a jelly - it says that in real life you are a very gentle person, who meekly allows you to manage them. You also passive in bed and never take a step forward, expecting to take the initiative from a partner. Such passivity quickly become boring and fills on edge, resulting in your relationship quickly destroyed. So think about your own weakness.


Eat - your influence in society will increase.

Henry Rommel

Cooking and drinking hot jelly jelly - for wealth, good news.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you eat jelly, means that you will find a lot of obstacles on the way to your goal, you can easily overcome. For a woman to see cooking Jelly - a pleasant meeting with friends.

Hasse’s dream book

Eat — your influence in society will increase.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Eat — your influence in society will increase.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Cooking — wealth.

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