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Dream «Oasis»

Oasis — the need to restore, replenish internal resources (the desire and / or ability).

Freud’s dream book

If you had a haven, so soon in your life is returning to normal. Interrupted relations will be resumed, and the initiative will come not from you, and of who they were interrupted. In the intimate life of all will be adjusted, and you no longer have to "plow" in bed, without getting anything in return. The alliance with a partner will be for once to please you.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Oasis stands for fertility and prosperity.

Oasis, seen in a dream of ice - the dream says that in one of the northern states living standards improve, and place these fundamental changes will be approximately in the December-February.

In the oasis were a lot of wild animals - hence, the southern country with rich natural resources will show increased interest in several developed countries that wanted to establish its influence there.

Dying oasis - the dream is a dream to the fact that when the Earth will be committed full revolution around the sun, all the existing welfare disappears.

If over the oasis hung a huge gray cloud, it threatens severe drought (and, consequently, loss of harvest), the cause of which will be a disaster; crop can be lost, and because of other adverse circumstances.

Dreamed warriors crusaders seeking an oasis - hence, the authorities will put in place more taxes on the use of land resources, and they will be more harmful than helpful.

Hasse’s dream book

Will you do something that is not a thought.

Modern dream book

Oasis of dreams to the fact that someone of your friends will soon need help. Refuse him, you can not because you are a lifesaver for him and the only hope. If you decide that the extra trouble you to anything and refuse, then your friend will be in trouble, and you'll be tormented for a long time, as the guilty will find themselves.

I dreamed that you are in an oasis - so do need help.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Refuge. Place recuperation.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Oasis is a refuge and a place of recuperation. This sign tells you to find places of personal refuge where you could fill up their internal resources before you embark on a journey through life.


An oasis, in spiritual terms, represents refreshment and the idea of being able to put difficulties to one side for a time. Most people see an oasis as a place of refuge in a desert. Because of its association with water, in dreams it becomes a place where we can give and receive whatever emotional refreshment is required. When people are in difficulty, they need a place where they can express themselves or perhaps renew their own strengths and ability to cope. In dreams, an oasis, particularly when we are lost, represents such a place. It highlights a particular type of sanctuary. You might also like to consult the entries for Desert, Lose/Loss/Lost and Water.


Will you do something that is not a thought.

Henry Rommel

Small green oasis among the expanses of the desert - a symbol of loneliness as a result of any adverse events.However, this dream can mean that the most loyal friends and partners near you will.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Oasis — a symbol of fertility and prosperity. To see an oasis in the ice - a symbol improvement of life in the Nordic countries. The establishment of well-being will be in the period from December to February. To see a lot of different wild animals in an oasis - means that one of the southern countries with rich natural resources will be the subject of growing interest in several developed countries, each of which wish to establish their influence in this southern country. See dying oasis - a sign that the existing welfare will be destroyed when the Earth will make a complete revolution around the sun. Seeing a huge gray cloud over the oasis - this dream portends disaster, which will entail a drought or crop damage due to other reasons. See warriors Crusaders seeking an oasis - a sign that will be introduced new taxes on the use of land resources, which will bring more harm than good.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Do what thinkest.


An oasis in a desert can represent:

A break from the challenges of your life

Rest and relaxation

Abundance, or receiving plenty of what you need

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