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Dream «Palm»

You have to experience a non-time.

Freud’s dream book

Palma dream for an early incarnation of your secret desires. You can even closer this time, if you become to force the issue, and will go with the flow, surrender their fate.

Hasse’s dream book

Seeing a palm tree - the dream means that you cast off society. Palm forest to the dream that things will evolve peacefully, unchallenged; palm branches - to wealth and prosperous economy; worn during sleep palm - then you will improve in the post.

Longo’s dream book

To dream of a palm tree that grows in the tub - get a gift from a loved one. It will be something great, because he or she will present you something that is unlikely to fit in the hands of. If you dream of a palm tree on the coast, the dream means that you expect a romantic journey in which you go along with your other half. Memorable trip a positive impact on the further development of your relationship. Standing under a palm tree, hiding from the scorching sun - this time you will be able to successfully dodge the blows of fate that skimp on good events. Cut off the palm leaves - luckily in family life. By that nothing can be added, moreover, that all things go well. See the roof of palm leaves - in a society you occupy fairly stable position, so feel calm and confident, allowing you to try to conquer more and more peaks.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dream that you are lying under a palm tree very soon you will be able to rest well. Holidays begin shortly after you eat a whole coconut. Poor znachenieEsli you dreamed that you chop the palm tree in the near future you will have no time to rest. To this time, did not last long, drink in the mornings during the week coconut milk.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Palma - the alien or the alien. See it in the lap of nature - difficult will become easy. Lots of palm trees - a great happiness. Potted palms to see - a disappointment. Palm branch - an undeserved honor.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

To dream of a flowering palm and inhale the fragrance of its flowers - a sign that has an important meaning: it is a harbinger of greater success, prosperity and happiness in the affairs of. Despite the fears and misgivings. You save an attachment to someone you love, and avoid separation. Your mutual love will be crowned at the altar Union. Children, cute pledge your love, gather at your table like a grove of olive trees. They grow up and become worthy members of society. This dream also portends a successful business operation, profitable trade, getting rid of financial difficulties, the successful outcome of the trial, a long life to a secured, quiet old age.

Aesop’s dream book

Palm branch — a symbol of victory and power. Dream, which is a palm tree or a branch of it, your subconscious mind alert you to the fact that in reality there is a situation when you have the power over the people, have the ability to control them. If you dream you touch the palm or hold in your hands a branch, it means that soon you will be offered the helm. If you dream you are only seeing a palm tree, but are not able to reach it, then in reality you do not cope with the situation and did not get a promotion. Seeing a palm tree with fruits - consciously seek to command others, a secret desire for power.

Children's Dream Book

Palma - you have to experience a non-time.


If you are trying to grow a palm tree in the home, and you come to visit, to see the experiment, then you have conceived something that will take all your thoughts and energy in the near future. If you dream that you are sitting on a palm tree and eat bananas, your body needs rest or shift work. If you dreamed that you need to climb a palm tree to get away from danger, it indicates that you are wasting energy, but do not see any other way. If you strike a palm tree on the wood, it portends trouble empty, which will lead to the renewal of the image of your life change for the better.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Palm branches — a steady flow of cases, wealth and happy farming; wear - increase by post.