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Dream «Sadness»

Grief - a reflection of the real feelings. Reflection of regret about the loss (usually fictional) or the memories of defeat.

Hasse’s dream book

Lots of fun.

If you dream you are experiencing grief, the reality on the contrary you will come at last happy days.

A dream in which you, in spite of his melancholy mood, keep smiling and joking, suggests that your love of life will certainly help you to survive in difficult times.

For a young woman's dream in which she sees her beloved something sad, warns her about the possible troubles.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Left literal often.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Only got to this region - wind blew and the rain dripped. A lone wanderer, I'll find a haven in the big world? SuShiSkoree want to go home. Here melancholy sadness yes. Loneliness. The light in the night. A friend with me no. Guan HantsinPervoelementy - earth, metal, water, wood. Elements - moisture, dryness, cold, wind. Emotions - pensiveness, sadness, fear, anger. Organs - the spleen, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, colon, bladder, gall bladder. The planets - Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. Explanation and interpretation of the cyclical development and division of power was reflected in the change of life processes: the seasons, day and night, of human emotions. If joy does not go into a reverie, a reverie in sorrow, that in fear and then - in anger and joy again, does this mean for human psychological blocks, difficulty in movement of qi through the meridians and the disease. Life is cyclical and always eager to get back to its source to the Great Ultimate, for silence, creative peace before a new round of life. From the point of view of cyclical endlessness of life, death is as natural bridge cycle, and the life: eternal life is not updated fixated would like congealed on a person's emotions, evolution would have gone on down the line. Loneliness, depression, sadness in moderate amounts are in a death like as cleansing of all unnecessary, excessively strong release from earthly material bindings. Loneliness frees the spirit, because the places a person face to face with the Cosmos. Through the recognition of the vast cosmos and its own small stages is cyclical increase their own self-valuable really like Cosmos I. Loneliness acutely aware in dreams, sometimes with a sense of almost physical pain of tearing separation as if something inside of two parts - the output state of the internal yin-out. To feel the loneliness in his sleep, often feel left out without a specific object of separation: to suffer from it in a dream - a strong sense of dependence on the people awake, weakness, lack of confidence in their abilities. The feeling of abandonment is always born from an inability to be alone. Even if the day dreamer looks strong and confident, that this is a game that is impossible at night, and then opens a true state of doubt, loneliness, fear and depression. Very soon, this improper state of mind would be manifested in reality unreasonable outbursts of anger, which was followed by a deterioration of affairs and relationships. But the loneliness in his sleep is equivalent to the realization of his mistakes: using the power of emotions caused by sleep, the body as it pushed through the stagnant accumulated waking emotions. Spirit of clean up and clear the body: after tested loneliness and longing in his sleep ailments are likely to diminish in reality, the consequence of solitude - the sadness will restore the soft smooth relations and affairs mend. Sleep itself is favorable, but it points to a strong inner desolation, to overcome which took already potent psychological means. Spleen, lungs, kidneys dreamer in poor condition, causing the heart may ache, and. It would be wise to distract from a career break and rethink their relationship to the world. Similarly interpreted parting with someone without a specific person: the dreamer here parted with himself, with his worst half, with stagnant emotions, with the disease. This dream is a good chance to start a new life. Feel abandoned and separated in a dream with a particular person - leave with a sense of loneliness and longing with a live person means erasing, forgetting all the accumulated period dating abnormal amount of emotion. What happens next depends on the dreamer and the situation: in reality, he could not part with the man, and can get close again. Makes it easier to sleep and that, and the other. Leave with a sense of loneliness and longing with the dead: in the past some unsolvable situation dreamer connects with the departed. Sleep is resolving this situation the moment: the image of the past remain, and melancholy reality goes.


Being sad in dream means that your work will not yield firstly it will have effect a little later. All in good time. If you dream of other people being sad some strangers will try to influence you. They will interfere in your affairs and you wonпїЅt be able to fight them back, youпїЅll be engaged.


Left literal often.

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