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The interpretation of the dream «Shit»

Shit — for money.

Loff’s dream book

There is an opinion: even if fate itself will be very unkind to your children, be sure there will be those who will say that this is the natural result of a "perverted" education. In general, this approach to psychotherapy - this is one of the memorable Freudian developments. The interest in it warms described in his biography of Freud's "scatological" struggle with the consequences of their own childhood experiences.

Many argue that dreamed feces predicting prosperity, wealth. However, the need to clarify the fact that in this case can mean not only the wealth, but also the desire to have it. Whatever it was, it's the interpretation of the dream of the faeces is based on Freud's theory, according to which the child perceives them as a product made by him, and therefore as something that has value. It is surprising if one of the adults woke up, because he dreamed shit, and felt this would be of ease and freedom.

To decrypt sleep important factor is the origin of shit and method of detection you. If the feces appeared in a natural way, you have to find out who are they and how did you do with them (just seen, removed, and t. ) - About your relationship with the actors sleep it can give important information.

If you found crap or else you can not see it, but you know that it's there, it speaks volumes about your excitement about the attempts of other people interfere in your life. In this case, can we talk about the issue of money, when the influence of any particular is going too far, or when interference of others into your private life too intrusive.

Freud’s dream book

If you dream of human excrement, it says that you cause mental suffering is a problem in your personal life. But to bring to its discussion and resolution of the perpetrator difficult situation you do not feel the slightest desire.

Attempts to wipe feces from your body you portend an awkward position in which you find yourself, when you are on someone will know more than you would have liked.

If someone smeared in feces, then you have to know the secret regarding his personal life counterparts, while he will not be aware of your awareness.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

D. Latrine.

For trouble and abominations.

Modern dream book

Dreams in which you see shit, promise a profit. If you had a bowel movement, then this dream promises big gains, which will bring you even lose from operations. Also is possible to obtain a solid inheritance. If you dream you see the muck, after such a dream expect surprises. Especially favorable for farmers like a dream, he predicts them a bountiful harvest.


Many believe that the faeces predict well-being and wealth. But it should be noted that there may be implied as a matter wealth, and your desire to acquire them. In any case, this interpretation is based on Freud's theory that the feces of a child perceived as something produced by him and, therefore, as something of value. It would be surprising if a grown man woke up, because he dreamed of feces, and would have felt from this easy and free. For the interpretation of sleep is important to know the origin of faeces and how you found them. For example, if in a dream feces appear in a natural biological process, determine whose it is feces and what you do with them (you just saw them, cleaned and t. ) - It says a lot about your relationship with the characters of dreams. If you find feces or do not see them, but you know they were there, it means you are concerned about the attempts of others to interfere in your life. There also may be affected by the question of money, if someone's influence goes too far or the surrounding interfere with your life too intrusive.

Esoteric Dream Book

To trouble and abominations.


The dreams in which you see shit, promise a profit. If you had a bowel movement, it is a dream promises large profits that you will bring even deliberately losing operation. In addition, it is possible to obtain a solid legacy. If, a dream you see manure, after such a dream expect surprises. Especially favorable like a dream for farmers, he predicts their bountiful harvest.

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