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Dream «Wagon»

Wagon — a reflection of the general orientation of awareness. Reflection anticipation of uninvited guests (which it is not necessary to be a burden).

Hasse’s dream book

To see — nepriyatnae thing; doing it or buy - shock.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli car or wagon (wagon) red or green, soon you will find true love. Take a cool shower in the morning, be sure to open your mouth to go numb water to a dream come true. Poor znachenieAvtomobil without a driver or a cart that travels on its own, portend grave danger and in trouble. To avoid them, you need to tie up on the left hand black thread, and on the right foot - red and translate all the clocks in the house an hour ago.

New family dream book

Had a dream that you are traveling in a wagon - to be postponed due to the arrival of a pleasant journey unexpected guests.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Loaded so that it can not budge - runs a dangerous situation; breaks - bad luck; broken wheel on the wagon - the separation of the spouses; wagon flipped because the broken wheels - devastation, loss; traveling, sitting in a wagon - will be career advancement;

Traveling in a carriage - means success and benefits in all situations; wagon is in place - not achieve what you strive for; wagon rides into the goal - a messy situation; the cart climbs sick man - a great misfortune; funeral wagon, hearse - the end of a natural disaster; wagon rides pulled by white horses - a great happiness, luck; carriage, which is drawn by four horses - happiness will turn nuisance trouble; carriage, which is drawn by sheep - there is an unusual situation.

See — nasty stuff to do it or buy - shock.

See — things nepriyatnae; make it or buy -.


Go to sleep in the wagon mean you have to give up a pleasant journey through the unexpected arrival of guests.

See — a surprise visit to make you give up on the intended journey.

A dream in which you see the cart, portends sad news.

If you dream you are traveling on a cart, then in real life, the basis of all your achievements will be based on the grueling hard work.

Manage wagon — to success in commerce.

For lovers to dream that they are traveling together in a wagon - to the faithful love of a lifetime.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a wagon, denotes that you will be unhappily mated, and many troubles will prematurely age you. To drive one down a hill, is ominous of proceedings which will fill you with disquiet, and will cause you loss. To drive one up hill, improves your worldly affairs. To drive a heavily loaded wagon, denotes that duty will hold you in a moral position, despite your efforts to throw her off. To drive into muddy water, is a gruesome prognostication, bringing you into a vortex of unhappiness and fearful foreboding. To see a covered wagon, foretells that you will be encompassed by mysterious treachery, which will retard your advancement. For a young woman to dream that she drives a wagon near a dangerous embankment, portends that she will be driven into an illicit entanglement, which will fill her with terror, lest she be openly discovered and ostracised. If she drives across a clear stream of water, she will enjoy adventure without bringing opprobrium upon herself. A broken wagon represents distress and failure.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Go to sleep in the wagon mean you have to give up a pleasant journey through the unexpected arrival of guests.


To see a wagon in your dream, is symbolic of difficulties. It also signifies your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks.

To see an empty and abandoned wagon, signifies loss and dissatisfaction.

Freud’s dream book

Riding in a wagon in a dream foretells that you will attend an auction. Young women who dream of riding in a hay-wagon will have offers of matrimony.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you dream of driving a wagon loaded with hay shows a thrifty nature and an unwillingness to speculate on unsure ventures. Driving a wagon down hill will denote a situation that will arise shortly in a manner that is disgusting to you. If you drive a loaded wagon up hill you will see a successful completion of your present work and an improvement in all your affairs. To see a wagon standing empty and alone shows loss and dissatisfaction for you.

Esoteric Dream Book

To fix, to do - to household chores , unplanned repair apartments or home appliances. The ride - unexpected spending on household items.

Freud’s dream book

To go to sleep on a cart - you feel nostalgic for the past, you might want to go back in time, where everything is as it seems, it was different, where you will be welcome and loved. You should not go on about this sentiment - you are too idealize the past. It is best to simply make a nostalgic evening for yourself to feel all that "as before."If you see standing in the cart, which is also broken, then wait for some kind of contingency, which can destroy the plans related to the upcoming holiday. Be prepared for the fact that you can not something that you would expect for a long time. Mend a broken cart in the dream - in the relationship with your partner has been a crack, and you tend to blame only himself. Soon there will be something that will make you take another look at the situation.


To dream that you are riding on a cart - portends you hard work and a lot of small failures, while you struggle to provide for our families.

Henry Rommel

Standing on the rails of the train closed car or tram predicts danger, secret betrayal.Riding in a car - easy, but difficult to achieve the intended purpose.If the car derailed, your life will change for the worse. Possible disintegration of the family.Riding down from the mountain - the loss and trouble, riding up - improved property cases.If the train rushes through the edge of the cliff, near the embankment - a call for prudence in decisions and actions.Atrip to the sleeper for a young woman - a warning against frivolous behavior.Go to sleep in close, loaded the car - in reality to keep a high moral qualities and sense of duty.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are riding on a cart - it portends you hard work and many small failures, while you struggle to provide for our families. See wagon - is bad news. See that you are running underwater, promises you a well-deserved success in all endeavors. For those who love to travel together in a cart - is faithful to each other, despite the machinations of rivals.

Modern dream book

Danger; riding in the car - depression, boredom.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Wobbly, fluctuating unreliable case.