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Dream «Woman»

Hasse’s dream book

Praying - good times; pregnant - joy; Women in costume - to experience moments of passion; Meeting Women - grief; kissing a woman - to earn a lot of money; black-haired - gossip; long good hair - Health; talk with a stranger - strike up an acquaintance; a woman with a child - family happiness; old woman - squabbling; redhead - fragile love; eyeing the woman - you are cheating friends; laughing - great joy; under a black or white veil - the death; young - let's say even more foolish things; generally see a nice woman - have the good fortune; kiss - take joy - a reasonable home life; to meet a woman in a dream - to have a good day.


In a woman's dream a woman, such as a family member or friend is often representative of an aspect of her own personality, but often one she has not yet fully understood. In a man's dream such a figure denotes his relationship with his own feelings and with his intuitive side. It may also show how he relates to his female partner. A goddess or holy woman signifies the highest potential for working with the Greater Good that the dreamer has. Oriental women appearing in dreams usually suggest the mysterious side of the feminine. In a man's dream such a figure will often reveal his attitude to sexuality, while in a woman's dream it will reveal more about her own intuitive transcendent powers. An older woman mostly represents the dreamer's mother and her sense of inherited wisdom. An unknown woman in dreams will represent either the Anima in a man's dream, or the Shadow in a woman's. It is the qualities of surprise and intrigue that allow us to explore further the relevance of that figure. We can gain a great deal of information because the figure is unknown. The people who appear in dreams are the characters with which we write our ?play?. Often they appear simply as themselves, particularly if they are people we know or have a relationship with in the here and now. We may introduce them in order to highlight a specific quality or characteristic. We may also permit them into our dream scenario as projections of our inner life or state of being, or as ways of handling problems in our everyday life. Sometimes, rather than trying to decipher the meaning of the dream, it is enough to look at what bearing the dream character's actions have on our everyday life. Below are interpretations of some of the most common interactions with people in dreams.

Azar’s dream book

Gossip, quarreling.


If you dream you are arguing with a woman in real life someone tries you outsmart or confusing. Blondes dream to success in business and are a symbol of the chosen way. Brunettes (especially snub-nosed and blue-eyed) mean that, you may have to abandon his plans when you're halfway to success. Women with brown and red hair predict impending concern. Brown-eyed woman with a Roman nose can mean that you will be involved in a risky venture.

Henry Rommel

For a man to see himself lying between two women - improving the health and affairs; lying next to a pregnant woman - a pleasant hopes.For women to see themselves among other women - big trouble.General, young, beautiful woman with long hair - to health, new opportunities, joy, pleasure; old, ugly, curve or with disheveled hair - gossip, quarrels, squabbles, anguish.Nude woman - a symbol of illness, grief, lies.Met a young stranger for a woman - a nuisance; for men - the temptation.Kissing stranger - money; fascinated to look at some woman - to the hype from my friends.If you stop a woman, beware of failure, it is a warning; a woman wearing a veil - to death.Many women argue with them - intrigue and violation of your plans.American tradition deals with the interpretation of a dream, even dependence on the color of hair, eyes, nose shape a woman in a dream: a blonde - a pleasant Affairs and hobbies; brunette with blue eyes and a pug nose - a sign that you retreated to the vicissitudes of life; haired or red with a straight nose - to the difficulties and troubles; brown-eyed with a Roman nose - warning about the danger of speculation and stock market game.

Islamic dream interpretation

If someone sees in a dream girl, reach pleasure and comfort, and see in a dream of a teenager - to a good state of affairs in general to the abundance of worldly goods and honorable position. If you see a beautiful young woman, will get wealth and reach of pleasure and joy.

Kopalinskogo Dream Book

By the treason, treachery, deceit; pregnant woman - the good news.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a healthy and beautiful girls - predicts a pleasant prospects and domestic joy. If the girl is thin and pale - it means that your family will be ill. If a man sees himself in a dream girl - a bad sign for his mental health. But this dream foretells a gifted young man theatrical career as an actor.

Modern dream book

Fraud in the purchase or sale.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Ayoung, beautiful — fun, fun, old, ugly - gossip sorrow praying - good times; pregnant - joy in a man's suit - experience moments of passion, a collection of women - sadness, kissing - to earn a lot of money;-haired - gossip, long good hair - health, talk to a stranger - strike up an acquaintance, with the child - family happiness; the old woman - squabbling, old, gray-haired - for good and wealth; redhead - love is fragile; eyeing the woman - you cheated shortstop; laughing - great joy; a black or a white veil - death; see generally pleasant woman - to have happiness; kiss - joy; to marry - a reasonable home life; meet a woman in a dream - to have a good day.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Haired — gossip; old - squabbles; eyeing the woman - fraud on the part of friends; kissing a stranger - for money; naked - grief, illness; old, ugly - quarrel, trouble; young, unknown - a woman - a nuisance; for men - the temptation in the affairs.

Ukrainian Dream Book

The woman — an illness, a ghost. A pregnant woman sees a bird in a dream - you will have a baby girl, the nightingale - Man. If a pregnant woman wanders through the water, especially if the flooding, the birth will be prosperous. Before birth and dream that the house dawn, or a swarm of bees flew in and sits down. If the host or hostess caught in a dream spider, perch, carp, dove, duck, they have a boy, and if they catch a frog, roach, pike, pigeon, rocking, all bird, a mouse - a girl. Before birth can dream that goes duck with ducklings. Before birth the woman dreamed that she was lying in a coffin if she had a child in her arms. An old woman - the disease. Kissing a woman - illness, gossip; seen with a child in her arms - crisis efforts; see disheveled - weakness, angry - a storm, to be among women - a betrayal, secrets.


A woman can represent many different things. For clues to her meaning, consider the context of the woman, and your feelings about her.A woman you know in real life may represent that actual person or the type of role she plays in your life (supervisor, mother, friend, doctor, business person, etc.).Whether you know the woman or not, she may represent:

The key characteristics that stand out about her in the dream, such as humor, nurturing, femininity, intelligence, etc.

Stereotypical feminine characteristics such as nurturing, beauty, gentleness, creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, peace, fluidity, or receptivity