Dream » Y » Youth

Dream «Youth»

See my youth - illness and death.

Ancient French dream book

See himself as a young man, cheerful, energetic, as if a man - that the dream means that you will be very glad because of what.

Esoteric Dream Book

If in the dream you were younger than their actual years, this means that you will have good health; ill get better quickly, because illness is not too serious. See themselves under their own children - the dream means that your life will be long and prosperous. Dreamed of actually grown old young people - their health. Stay strong it will greatly help your good wishes, if you with warmth in his heart to think of the elderly.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of young people - heralds the settlement of family strife and a good time for planning new enterprises. To dream that you are young again - means that your strong efforts to regain lost opportunity will not succeed. For a mother to see her son again infant or small child - foretells that old wounds are tight and she will again its youthful hopes and cheerfulness. If a child seems to be dying, then waiting for her unhappiness and suffering. Seeing the child in school - it heralds opportunities for the prosperity of her house and to benefit from opening up in front of her circumstances.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

Dreamed you young people - this is a dream, followed by joyful events in your home. But if you see yourself or a young man much younger than his years, waking wary of getting sick. You should take some steps to keep your health. Boy (girl) dream in which they see themselves as children, is the herald of love and a happy marriage with a welcome beloved man.

Vedic dream book of Shivananda

If you dream of a young man or young woman, it is a harbinger of pleasure. If you dream that you are young, it can say about your emergency illness or even death.


As the dreams that get younger, the sick.

Freud’s dream book

For an elderly person to dream of his or her youth is a portent of continuing ease and comfort.

Azar’s dream book

To Joy , memories.

Freud’s dream book

To dream of a beautiful young man - to update workstation, the award. And anything can happen unexpectedly, and you suddenly will raise salaries or provide an opportunity to change the title, finishing higher. Do not reject any proposal, possibly this is the chance that can not be overlooked. Although there is one "but": to implement this tale in reality you have to sacrifice a little. own body. If you find this is not a problem, success is assured. Well, if you find it difficult to mix relationships and personal service, will I require the other features to attract the attention of the authorities. Talking, kissing or hugging a young man - you want to change in the relationship and in the profession. At best, you ask for leave from work and go away to stay with relatives in another city, and at worst - will require divorce and write a letter of resignation from work. You should not take hasty decisions, then you are sure about it very much regret. Stick to small changes (change of hairstyles for women and a variety of leisure activities - for men) and you will see that you have become a new way of perceiving life.

Henry Rommel

For mature men to see themselves in dreams of young men - to the possibility of success in any woman; for a girl dream of a young man - to the delight of a great love and a happy marriage; for middle-aged woman a dream - to appear in her life, the young lover.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Excitement, joy.

Ukrainian Dream Book

As the dreams that get younger, the sick.