Dream » D » Deception

The interpretation of the dream «Deception»

Cheating — a reflection of thoughts about cheating. The reflection of the desire to cheat. The reflection of the fear of being cheated.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream that you have encountered in cases of fraud, this means that on your way to success there interference in the form of people who want to hurt you. For young people see cheating gamblers - it means that the ridiculous misunderstandings lead them to parting with loved ones. They wanted someone to deceive themselves - because of selfish ambition you make frivolous and unworthy actions that can tarnish your name. If you are in a dream with all the depressing clearly understood that someone lied to you, it's a good omen: the enemies will not be able to prevent you from.

Ancient French dream book

Heralds receive any privileges or acquiring financial independence.

Hasse’s dream book

Someone cheated in his sleep - in the trade expect profits.

New family dream book

If you dream you cheated in business, even in real life you will encounter people who will try to block your path to success. If you dream you have realized that cheated, opponents will be powerless to harm you. A young man who dreams that he plays a sharpie, to part with his beloved because of the ridiculous misunderstandings. A dream in which you are trying to deceive anyone - is a kind of warning. See that by greed is not pushed you to the improper and careless actions.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If you dream you are accusing someone of cheating, in reality you will find that robbed, and very soon you will know the names of the robbers. If you dream you are committing fraud themselves - the dream has the opposite meaning: in fact, you are very highly valued by the society for your character, direct and honest. In love, you unravel the secret intentions of your opponent and gain the victory over him.

East female dream book

Dreamed you cheated someone - beware of dubious acquaintances, which can ruin your reputation. A dream in which you become a victim of fraud, warns detractors try to embarrass you. If you opened the hype - you expect career growth.

Modern dream book

If you dream that you have deceived someone, then you may have to fool your boss to get a promotion or a raise. Also, be wary of suspicious links that can raised questions your reputation. A dream in which you are a victim of fraud, meaning that your enemies will try to embarrass you. If you dream you uncovered the deception, the reality you expect career growth.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To deceive somebody foretells shame and an abuse.

Dream book of lovers

The lover the dream in which they are deceived by card swindlers, foretells a rupture of the relations because of annoying misunderstanding.


To dream that you are deceiving someone, suggests that you are lying to yourself that everything is okay when in reality it is not. You are trying to cover up some mistake or some lie. The deceit is manifesting itself into your dream and eating away at your conscious.


Disappointment and disappointment.


If a young woman dreams that she is a victim of seduction, she should be wary of the influence of handsome men. For a man to dream that he deceived girl, means that it should control their feelings, not to give rise to gossip and slander.